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Changing the Animas Ping Song: Top Gun.

A few years ago, I was talking with (or was I actually hanging out with?) Faye from SugarBump.  She's a talented photographer, baker of some badass Novolog cake pops, and discovered she's apparently a crackerjack Animas composer.  Our very own Beethoven ... only she did something better than Beethoven.  She figured out how to replace his Für Elise on my pump with ... wait for it ... the Top Gun theme song

Problem was, I had to wait forever to make the switch.  I switched to an Animas insulin pump back in January of 2010, when I was seven months pregnant with the Bird.  The last few weeks of my pregnancy were very stressful, and then when the baby was born, life took on a decidedly different list of priority "To Dos."  My desire to reprogram the tunes on my Ping ended up forgotten. 

Until recently, when I re-stumbled upon an email from Ms. Faye, which included the music file for the song upload.  And I was determined to make the switch.

After sending the diabetes-Batsignal up to the TuDiabetes community, I received the instructions on how to change the song.  (Click here to view the user guide, and then scroll down to page 60 for the instructions.)  The result?

(Here's a teaser from an upcoming Animas vlog about new tunage for my Ping)

If you want the Top Gun theme for your Ping, email me and I'll send you the audio file for the EZManager Max software. If you have any tunes that you've composed and you want to share them, let me know! 

And, for the record, I'll be your wingman any time.


This is what the hackers really want to do, get you away from Fur Elise.

we changed the song on my son's Ping to Super Mario ;)

posted it on SUM's facebook page :)

I was the super mario ....

Kerry.. you are adorable!! I

And this is why I need a Ping. Totally awesome.

This feature alone might make me consider an Animas when upgrading.

My Cozmo warranty expires next month. :-( Worst part of it is that there's no pump on the US market that I'd consider switching to at the moment.

OK is this possible with minimed pumps??? Anyone?? **Fingers Crossed**

I wish someone would start a site with Animas songs on them to share with our PWD community. That would be awesome!

I made some tunes form my kids back when they were on 1250s. Played pink panther and Peter Gun. I will have to did those files up.

Maybe we should make some king of online exchanges for insulin tunes. is iTunes taken? :)

That is awesome. I had no idea my Ping could do this. Can't wait to give it a try!!

O. M. GOSH!!!!!!

I TOTALLY can't wait until school is out so I can play with my daughter's pump.

Bookmarking instructions now :)

All right, folks, as requested, I've just created a diabetes wiki with a page for uploading Animas alarm songs! Try it out here (maybe you can upload the Top Gun one, with permission from the author, Kerri?). More pages on the wiki will follow soon (I've been wanting to create a diabetes-how-to wiki for a while, this was just an excuse.)

I want Toby Keith's "I've Got Friends in Low Places". I haven't been PG and I still haven't done this. I did go through menopause though, does that count?

My bad. Garth Brooks had the song, "I've Got Friends in Low Places" and not Toby Keith. damn that menopause

Jana - How do I upload the file to the Wiki? I can't figure out how to open the file outside of EZManager thing. #confused

Kerri, are you on a Mac? The default save location for the tunes .ezt files is unhelpfully *inside* the application (not somewhere we're used to navigating on Macs...). I've updated the wiki page with instructions (because it was turning into an epic comment). Lemme know if this works for you.

Get Out!!!! That is so neat. Good movie too. I could watch it again and again.

Awesome! As I proclaimed "I want one" while listening to song, Suzi says from the other room: "No, you cant get an Animas just for the Top Gun song". Looks like she's lost that loving feeling, and I may be entering the Danger Zone. Or something like that.

I'm so excited. I just ordered the ezManager stuff from Animas. I have a couple songs in mind, but my husband thinks: "Pour Some Sugar On Me" should be a top choice.
I remember a camper of mine at Diabetes camp had some game like Frogger or Tetras on her old Animas. Wish we could bring that one back for when I'm in a boring meeting.

Ah...you are COOL! And seriously..I cannot help but think of VOLLEYBALL when I think of Top Gun.

Did you say upcoming vlog? Based on the trailer, it looks like it will be a silent film.


I have Pink's let's get this party started, if anyone wants....

anyone still look at this? Im desperate to get a new tune, would be great to have super mario bros!

How about Tiny Bubbles, the Don Ho classic?

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