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Missing: The Rest of my Infusion Set.

Last week, I ripped an infusion set off my arm - by accident - with such force that I knocked the "teeth" clean off the part that connects with the "hub."  It happened sort of in slow-motion, with BSparl hollering "Maaaaa maaaaaa!" and the pump site disconnecting in a way that sort of sounded like a wet tennis ball hitting a racket.

The infusion set hub thing flew across the kitchen and landed in an unknown place that even a full (and literal) sweep of the floor didn't recover it.  My arm was sore.  My pride was, too. 

I am Kerri's swift and sudden gracelessness, and I'm as chronic as diabetes.  ;)


Is the picture of the "dishwashed and fork stabbed" bracelet next ;)

Like that last line.

I've never been able to insert my infusion set anymore but my abdomen. I tried wearing it on my thigh and I was always bumping into it. I'm very clumsy too. LOL. I never even tried to use my arm. How do you keep the tubing out of the way?

Okay, how about getting bitten by a knife when you open the dishwasher? Or cutting your hand on a plastic knife (multiple times)? Or accidentally sticking yourself under the nail with a lancet when you're trying to load it into the lancing device? I'm the queen of klutziness, Kerri. You just can't beat me. :-)

Ouch!! I can't imagine what the aftermath looks like on your arm :-(

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