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Oh, you.

Birdzone, you are sixteen months old.  And that's, like, a big deal because you've now been "out" for double the amount of time you were "in."  That's some nice, neat math that I can handle.  (Unlike the calculations of how many diapers your dad and I have changed in the last sixteen months.  That's a staggeringly gross number.)

Every day with you is a a strange little circus (with you as the short ringmaster and me as the bear on a unicycle).  The learning curve now has Dexcom-esque double arrows up, because you are doing something new every single day.

You have inherited your mama's techno-joy.  You want to hug and snuggle my cell phone (when it rings, you are astounded), and you have your own "cell phone" (an old Blackberry of mine) that you wander around the house with, "talking."  You love the Dexcom receiver (and you also loved Abby's Dexcom receiver, smashing mine and hers together at CBC this week and disrupting the diabetes space-time continuum).  And you love the remote control.  If it has buttons, you want to push them.  Including your belly-button, which you've recently discovered and you obsessively check to make sure it's still there.

"And my mom was all BLAH BLAH BLAH ..."
"And my mom was all BLAH BLAH BLAH ..."

Your hair continues to be an evolving, yet beautiful crisis.  Because you have more hair that most adults, you get warm fast.  Actually, you start to sweat madly whenever the sun is out (or at least that's been your deal this summer ... we don't have much to compare it to), so keeping your hair off your neck and out of your face is a struggle.  Thankfully, it's finally long enough for what I've been dreaming of since I found out you were going to be a girl


I freaking love pigtails.

I freaking love pigtails.  I couldn't be happier that you're patient as I comb your hair into these two, crazy ponytails, and I love that when you run, they bounce like rabbits.  Pigtails rule.

AHHHHH!  More pigtails!  I'm losing it.

You toddle around the house and the yard, talking your face off all day long.  There's no way you don't have a sore throat by the end of every day because you are always BabbleTown, talking to your feet, the cats, one particular tree in the backyard, anyone who calls on the phone, and to each person you come into contact with during the day.  You.  Have.  A.  Lot.  To.  Say.  (No clue where you get this chattiness from ...)  

I do have one concern, though.  


Dude, I don't know what your deal is, but you love boys.  All kinds.  You tried to hug the ancient man at the grocery store who complimented your curly hair.  You flirt with guys my age at the grocery store (which is super awkward - "No, she has a dad.  I'm all set, thanks.").  And at the pediatrician's office this week, you tried to snag an older man - this cute little 11 year old kid who was there for his before-school physical.  After batting your eyes at him for ten minutes, you went over and tried to climb into his lap, repeatedly offering him some raisins.  "OMG, Birdy, leave that boy alone!"  But he was super chill, and said, "It's okay.  She's so cute.  I don't mind if she wants to play."  So you and that 11 year old boy chatted and giggled.

"I'm Kerri," I said to the boy's father, who was smiling at The Bird and His Boy. "Nice to meet you, and thanks for letting my kid bother your kid."

"Hi.  I was about to introduce myself to you.  I have to, seeing as how we are going to be in-laws."

Stop flirting, Birdy.  You are making my head explode.



So much joy and love - thanks for sharing this beautiful post.

Your letters to your daughter always make me smile. She's so little and so big at the same time....

She's TOO cute! And clearly brings joy to everyone she encounters!

I love these posts. They bring back such wonderful memories of my own 2 girls. Just wait till you get to help plan her social calendar for tonight's 1st home football game at her high school. Ack!

Sweet, as usual. Clever as usual, too...

This is too cute! Thank you for making me laugh and smile this morning.

Oh goodness, she is nothing short of amazingly cute.

But Kerri, uh, be careful of what you wish for? Can you imagine the flirting and phone calls when she's a teen?

This is hilarious! Birdy and the boys...I can't believe how big she has gotten--and how adorable her pigtails are!

OhMyGooses, what a sweetheart and a great post. She is just too much!

Great post. Love the "blah, blah, blah" picture! So cute! :)

I love, love, love, the stories you tell about her. You're such a gifted writer that I kind of feel like I was there! She's such an adorable kiddo. You and Chris are incredibly blessed, as is she :)

Wow, those have got to be the cutest darn pigtails I have ever seen. She is beautiful!
I love hearing about chatting little ones who talk talk talk. It's awesome.
Keep up the great work mama.

ahh! She is soooo precious!! I love that she has her own phone lol

she is adorable. you should have another..

A few years from now, you'll be so glad you blogged this. My son (now 4 1/2) wasn't much unlike your daughter, but I honestly can't remember everything that happened just 3 1/2 years ago. I've got still pictures, but you've got stories, memorialized forever in print. Enjoy them.

So cute!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE pigtails too!!!

Leighanna(11) won't let me get away with that anymore :(

Gawd, Kerri - the gift you have for writing. Someday, Bird will look upon your virtual journals, and I do hope she knows just what a special lady her mommy is. I hope you get to experience everything I did with my own daughter. Even the bad teen years are worth making it through. Your posts have made me appreciate my sullen, sulky, smart-assed 18 year old all the more these days. Not to mention, the entertainment factor of reading those words that trip off your tongue (or your fingers as it may be) when you publish. Just love reading your stuff, Kerri! I hope Birdy will, too!

another goosebump city post!!!

:) She's so cute! I can't believe how big she's getting.

Oh my, now I freaking love pigtails too!!! She is soooo cute. I am wishing I had a little girl now (I have two boys).

This post really made me smile. :)

Seriously, the Bird is TOO CUTE!!! And the flirting cracks me up every time! Enjoy the cute times, Kerri, while they last!

Has CSparl bought the shotgun yet? The one he'll use to terrify suitors? :)

omg that first pic is so RIDIC i can't even.



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