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The Elusive 104 mg/dL.

Nothing says "Good morning!" quite like the number on the meter packaging:

It's like an advertisement for OMG DIABETES CONTROL!!!

Take that, diabetes.


You could be a commercial! :) (sorry about the low)

Thanks for sharing Kerrie! Yes, these numbers are always shifting and elusive... and so much of our daily "happiness" comes from "getting it right!" This morning I was 84 at 6 am and now 74 at 8 am... it will be a good day!
Karen Rose Tank
Diabetes Health and Nutrition Coach
type 1, 15 years and pumping for 13!
Now guiding others to live their best life with diabetes!

Nice!! Soak it up :)

You've got that right! Whoo! Hoo!

I was thrilled to see an 87 on my meter this morning. With T2, this is a fasting number that puts a big smile on my sleepy face.

That's awesome! I find a great blood sugar to start the day most often leads to a good blood sugar day in general.
You rock!

Haha hilarious!!

Certainly better than the 209 I woke up to this morning! I hope your day remains that way :)

Ahhh-the pinnacle of perfection!

Oh, that's why I grinned so big when I saw my pre-lunch number today. Allison distracted me with her $1 for 100 story and I forgot why 104 looks so pretty to me. Thanks for being my brain. :)

Rejoice! Gotta take the good stuff whenever you can get it! :-)

Congratulations, Kerri! Great job! And sorry about that low...

Man, I wish I had a Dexcom to show me that elusive 104...

I stupidly had that ice cream last night so I was not as happy when I woke up this morning.

RIGHT ON!!! :)

I was thrilled to see my 6.6 (120) this morning after a 2:30am low of 3.3 (60). ...and that was with a Freestyle, so who knows what I am reading really.... lol!

This past week I have had an opportunity to wear a Dexcom 7. But only for a week. Some study...

Here are a few things that I did like or not like.

I liked knowing were my numbers were trending to help me plan my constant changing life.

I liked that my basal rates are right on. My numbers seem to stay in line. And I could actually see that!

I was proud of how I was able to manage my diabetes. A little insulin here, A little juice there.

I Didn't like that I had to have it next to me all the time. I had to do the pat down...where is it?

It was comfortable.

I was in in awwww of it. I realized that 31 years ago I was using a Ames glucose monitor that was the size of a large book. I gave a glucose reading from 125 to 200 because the needle would sway back and forth. And now I am able to see the advancements of tools that we really needed. And will contribute to survival.

I liked it because I was able to tell myself...Good Job! of managing your diabetes.

Freestyle meters are temperature touchy. Can't handle high temps (75 degrees or higher). Whereas, the One Touch Ultra (in sync w/ my insulin pump) does fine in high temps (80 degrees or higher)and functions fine. The meter can't take low temos (43 degree or lower)- giving weird readings.
My vote is for the One Touch Meters!

Our street address is 104 so when ever my daughter has a 104 we sing.....ONE....O....FOUR....and our street name. It's or magic # too.

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