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This Sunday marks the 25th anniversary of my diagnosis with type 1 diabetes.  But today I don't feel like blogging about it or reminiscing or calling Joslin and asking them to print my certificate of achievement.  My head is busy, but I don't want to pay it any mind today.

I love my family.  I love my friends, both online and off.  I love my little Bird and my husband. 

I'm starting my weekend early.  :)


You deserve it! I think anniversaries of the diabetes-kind can be very bittersweet! A great accomplishment of your health management and a sad reminder of the challenges you've faced in the last 25 years!

happy weekend - enjoy all the love in your life!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend, enjoying some R&R, and cupcakes with Sprinkles!

But in all seriousness, what a milestone. Thanks for being such an inspiration by just being who you are.

You deserve it, Kerri. Enjoy a wonderful weekend with fudgy the whale. :) xoxo!

Happy 25 years :)

Thanks for being an inspiration to so many of us.

Have a nice weekend with the persons you love so much. And thank you for all.
My Dbirthday is tomorrow... 44 years... and I don't want to drink a glass of Clairette (de Die, France) for that or write on my blogs. I have others nicer things to do!

It sounds like a very appropriate way to celebrate, actually. :)

Celebrate your strength this weekend :)+

Your diabetes can rent a car :)

Happy 25th d-versary Kerri! And I hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

Happy Weekend!!!

I just 'celebrated' my 30 th this August! I always remembered the date I was diagnosed and thought nothing would ever take away the sting. 9 years after diagnosis, on the same date, I passed my registry/licensing exam in college and was proud. On the same diagnosis date, 24 years later, my beautiful son was born and I was even more proud. Keep LIVING!

Happy 25th... :-)

Happy 25th Diaversary Kerri! Happy weekend!

Happy 25th dude.

happy d anniversay kerri! enjoy your weekend! :)

Have a fabulous weekend, dont forget to enjoy the desserts with the low calorie sugar from Natvia (http://natvia.com/) Even i am doing the same.

have a wonderful weekend with the ones you love! happy diaversary! and may we soon be able to celebrate the day we all become "Un-Diabetic"!!

Happy diaversary. I know how 25 years feels. I am pround to have reached my 26th, but also sad to say that this condition is still with me.

Congratulations on being so healthy after 25 years with diabetes! I know it must be bittersweet, but you should be proud of yourself.

happy diaversary, kerri! i hope it's a meaningful day.

Happy dia-anniversary! My anniversary is 26 on October 18th. Until I went to CBC I thought I was the only one who remember their dx date.
CHEERS to the next 25 years when there WILL be a CURE for this stinky disease!

Did someone mention fudgie the whale? Like the carvel ice cream cake? Love the New England references!

WOW. You are simply inspirational. Joe hits the 5 year mark in a week. xo

Welcome to the 25 years club!
(I just celebrated my 25th anniversary earlier this year and made a photo project about it online at http://25years.net/ ).

Thank you for giving me a glimpse of what the future may hold for my daughter.

She was dx at age 24 months.

It's been 6 years...and the future looks bright!

and waiting for the day you can celebrate 25 years FREE from diabetes. Hoping for a cure!

oh man. i feel like im ruining something being the 26th commenter....

just wanted to say congrats =)

You are rad. And just thank you for everything.


Today is my 30th D-anniversary! I know that bittersweet feeling well. Thanks for being such an inspiration for all of us - you keep us laughing through all our "quirky" diabetic moments!! :)

Happy anniversary. Let's hope another 25 won't be necessary because there will be a choice of cures to select from!

I like your positive attitude. Enjoy the weekend with the amazing dessert that brings some good thoughts and great smiles with Natvia Natvia Have a happy weekend

Happy 25th Diaversary! So glad I found your blog. Thanks for sharing with us!!! :)

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