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Back To School.

I want one of these.  With a big, fluffy kitten on the front.  Drinking coffee.Most of the Rhode Island schools are back in session today (a few days later than usual, thanks to the power of Ms. Irene), and I'm missing that "back to school" feeling.  School shopping with my mother, back when i was in grade school, was awesome because I'd always get notebooks, pens, and a new Trapper Keeper.  I loved the way the new notebooks smelled, and how a new pen would write, and damn if that Trapper Keeper Velcro wasn't the best in that first week of school.

New school supplies made me feel organized.  I liked that "clean slate" feeling, like I was given the right to let go of the past and start fresh.

I kind of need that again.

I'm not in a patch of diabetes burnout, so much as I'm in a patch of Mega Rut.  In this Mega Rut, I have picked up some very bad habits and they are proving to be difficult to shake.  Like ...

Not sleeping.  I love to sleep.  I love that feeling of laying down at night and tucking myself in underneath the down comforter.  I love a cold room, a cold pillow, and a warm husband.  I love not looking like I was dragged through town by a pony.  So why am I not sleeping?  Could it be the early mornings with the Bird, then the lack of work done throughout the day due to Bird-Watching, and then the late nights where I try to catch up on work?  The baggage under my eyes would cost me a lot if I had to check it for travel.

Not eating.  This sounds like a good weight loss method, in theory, but in practice, it's doing nothing but slowing my metabolism down.  On the average morning, it's almost noon before I've eaten something, despite having woken up with the baby around 7 am.  This makes me hungry, sluggish, and grumpy way too regularly (but it has proven to me that my morning basals are finally accurate and I can roll around with an in-range, flatlined CGM for several hours).  It also makes my morning pot cup of coffee send me to CrazyTown, where I'm so drunk on coffee that the laundry folds itself when I stare at it hard enough.

Being unorganized.  I seriously need that Trapper Keeper, because my to do list is long, scattered, and very hard to keep track of.  If it weren't for my desk calendar, reminder alarms set on my cell phone, and Abby, my mind would be a flooded.  As it stands now, my mind is hovering around the "class 2 rapids" status, but this fall is proving to be a very busy one, so I need to get my post-its in order.

Having a love/hate relationship with my inbox.  I love email.  I read every single one, and in my mind, I write these long, detailed responses with photos attached and iTunes recommendations.  Instead, I read the email and then draft up the response in my head while I take a conference call or empty the dishwasher.  And then I never send that lovely response, instead opting for one that's a few sentences and usually starts and ends with "I'm sorry I'm so late in responding!" 

Paying attention to Dex.  I am wearing the Dexcom 24/7 (and have been for over two years now), but I've been a little lazy with it, of late.  In the last two weeks, I've left the house twice without the receiver, and I didn't notice for another hour after I returned home.  (That means I wasn't checking it, which isn't a good trend for me.  The closer I keep tabs on that Dex graph, the better my blood sugars run.)  What's the point of wearing the sensor if I don't make use of the data?

So there are my current bad habits, but now what?  I need a bad habit bootcamp.  Or that there Trapper Keeper.  Either way, recognizing these issues is the first step.  Now that they're sitting here, in a list in front of my face, I need to do something about them.

School starts today for most of the state, and I'm taking a cue from their clean-slatedness.  Starting over is easy when you leave the baggage behind (or at least the baggage that's not residing under my eyes).  These are changes that need to be made and can be made easily, if I put my scattered mind to it.  ;)


So weird how we just fall out of habits, even important ones like sleeping and eating!

My schedule is a bit off these days. I need some of your back-to-school inspiration! Send some to Rome!

I totally understand. And I admit it - I'm addicted to paper. There. Whew. That feels good to get off my chest. LOL I have notebooks for everything. I keep a notebook (or at least a notepad) & pen in every room; sometimes more than 1. I have a list pad, a notepad, & a notebook...well 3 actually, sitting right next to me now. The best thing, tho, is homeschooling Diamond - we get to pick any notebook we want! (With matching folder of course) I also kept a written journal from when I was pregnant with Diamond thru when she could start writing her own. And guess what! She loves notebooks & loves to write, too! YES! Anyway, take your birdie to your fave store, buy yourself a new trapper keeper or notebook (great selection of journals at Barnes & Noble) & give it a purpose. Baby Notes? BG log? Recipes? Grocery List? Christmas Ideas? The possibilities are endless!

Must be something in the air. I am going through something similar (I even have "buy binder" on my to do list for today). I describe it as not having fallen off the wagon exactly but more like having one foot on and one foot off. Here's hoping we both get our acts together. (((HUGS)))

It must be summer. I am totally off too.

I need Peechee's though! ;)


I think it is just part of being human. We all have fits of being super organized and the complete opposite. I am currently right with you in the unorganized category. The end of your post is the reason why I love reading your blog. We are where we are and there is nothing we can do to change the past. I suppose we could continue to do nothing, but that doesn't fit our personalities as people who actually care. That is why we pick up our stuff and start wherever we are. Thank you so much for your honesty. Good luck getting re-organized. Hopefully all of us will learn from each other.

Right there with ya sister girl. Since the baby was born (yikes....THREE months ago!) I have been in a mega rut and almost totally ignoring the 'betes. I used the whole school starting/school supplies/fresh start opportunity with myself, too. I have a new app for logging meter results, etc., and have it on my list to FINALLY go back to my endo. It's been, ahem, about 5 months. DO'H!

Trapper Keepers AND PeeChee folders were how we rolled at my house! :)

What your friend/reader Jasmine said. The amount of notebooks I have going on at one time astounds me. Of course there was the crisis yesterday when I could not recall WHICH notebook I'd started the "surgery notes and information" in. To Do book? Ideas to pursue book? Brunch Bible (I really call it that. I told my friends if I am ever hit by a truck, all the notes on the 14 years of brunches I've hosted are in tbe blue "Gap" notebook [that I won by selling the most striped sweaters one week back in the days of retail and me] in the right drawer of my desk. They'd just pull it out, plan my annual party and never miss me). Got a new notebook and make it JUST for the surgery. Now where is that notebook that helps me keep track of my notebooks?

A sweet Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper is guaranteed to cheer you up AND make you the coolest blogger. I want a Trapper Keeper now.

I'm right there with you with the not sleeping, and I don't even have a kid to blame. I'm just bad at going to bed. (And good at guilting myself into "not wasting the day" and getting up early anyway. Or at least what counts for early when you're a grad student.)

Also, I left my Dex behind this morning too...

Your blog is (and has always been) awesome because you tell it like it is... All of us have bad habits (and many of us have the same bad ones)!

This might help you remember to take your Dexcom with you when you leave the house. All I had to do was unpick the seam on each side of the plastic view "window" and my Dexcome fit perfectly. It hooks to my clothes easily or just stays in my purse.


I love this post and can so relate to it. I am trying hard myself right now to go to bed earlier and get more sleep. It so helps my blood sugars when I get more sleep. But we all do it, fall back into our bad habits. I like the clean slate idea. Good luck.

yessss the crackle of the new velcro trapper keeper. i agree with others above, take some time to browse through an office product store and grab some goodies! clean slate!!

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