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Batting Practice.

If this lovely thing is a "no-hitter,"

:: sound of angels singing and kittens being petted ::

Then this shit day is batting practice:

:: that BEEEP BEEEP sound the alarm clock makes ::

Today, I'm hoping diabetes doesn't bat through the order every inning.

/baseball diabetes analogies


I think that the toughest part of diabetes is finding the right balance- and then finding it again when you get off balance! I have never understood how some days I can start at 100 and be all over the map- regardless of what I eat, drink, or do! Hang in there!

hahahahaha!!! Yesterday started with 12 hours of batting practice for me but ended with a 12 hour flatliner just below 100. Wohoo! Wishing you a better day

ugh. i HATE days like that. hate.

hope today is better!

Should I be happy if my 8 year old is in the 90s or hundred-teens? Is that the best? His "range" is 80-180, but I'm pretty sure they'll tell us 180 is actually bad and they just gave us a huge target so we wouldn't get discouraged early on in the game. From reading yours + other blogs, I think 100 is the ideal happy spot.

I just came out of batting practice -- although I have my top line set lower than yours (140, per AACE recommendations). But I was over 200 much of the time, and every time I thought I was getting it down, it would go right back up again. GRRR! But today, FINALLY got down more or less to where I want to be -- didn't go over 155, which, while not perfect, is at least acceptable. Ya wins some and ya loses some!

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