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Diabetes Art Day: SUM Edition.

"Puuuuum," she says, lifting the hem of my shirt in search of my insulin pump. 

"Yes, that's my puuuuump.  Where's my belly button?"

She points.

"Where's your belly button?"

She laughs and pats her chubby belly, sticking her thumb into her belly button.

Art is how I will explain diabetes to my daughter.  It's how we'll make sense of this when words won't do.  But for now, we'll just color, drawing birdies and kitties and puuuuuumps.

Am I the only one who has trouble resisting adding an "f" to the word "art?"
Birdy and Kerri's contribution to Diabetes Art Day 2011

Visit the official Diabetes Art Day site to see some creative interpretations of life with a busted pancreas.  And a huge thanks to the brilliant Lee Ann Thill for giving us this outlet!


I love it!

Awwww. this is really sweet and brought a smile, and I love it all. Including the great descriptive imagery of Birdy searching for your puuuump! Good stuff, Kerri. Love how the cat made an appearance, of course!

i wish I would have known about this before today... My daughter would have had fun with this, but she's with her dad tonight. I try to use art to help her express her frustration and anger..... I hope it's helping.

why did this make me emotional? seeing everyone's art is bringing stuff to the surface i guess. love the drawing and love the commentary.

I love that frigging Siah the Cat managed to work her way into this drawing. Happy diabetes art day!

I read the alt text onthe photo. LOL!!!!!! Me too!!!!

adorable! I love it!!

I can't tell you how excited I am that you got the little Birdy in on the Diabetes Art Day action! That makes your picture beautiful on many different levels, and I'm all dorky and crying now. Thank you and big hugs to your artsyfartsy Bird :)

What was her first word?

Loveloveloving you and your daughter! These non-emotional posts make me tear up as I only hope I can live up to you! Thank you!

very cute!

Too cute!!! I wonder if this makes Birdy the youngest contributor to Diabetes Art Day. :D

at age 2 Avery always wanted to 'help' me take my bg by inserting the strips the right way.

I'm having trouble telling what part of the art was yours and what was BSparl's.

And loving (and agreeing with) the alt text.

Kerrie, I recently gave my niece a doll and sewed clothes for it. I got one that looked like her (American Girl like doll) and she asked me how I was going to make it have diabetes. Little does she know but I am going to create a play pump out of felt along with a holder and use a ribbon instead of tubing and secure the loose end with a circle bandage. I was thinking it could help educate others. I normally create happy silly embroidery designs and love sewing but love to help any way I can. I would be honored to send you a little play pump pack so that maybe when she's old enough she can play with it and be just like mommy, cuz we all want to be just like our mommies.

That was nice. Teaching children things that they find difficult to comprehend in a nice and subtle way is what every parents should follow. My son hasn't started to ask question about T2DM but he likes to pop the meformin tablets into my mouth. The day when he starts asking question why i am taking those medicines i have to find a way to teach him about my condition.

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