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Diabetes Terms of Endearment eBook!

First off, you guys, as an online collective, RULE because without your input and perspectives and laughter, this compilation wouldn't be possible.  So THANK YOU for being open to this silly idea, and for sharing your own diabetes terms of endearment over the last few years.

Secondly, Meredith is a badass designer, and her fast hands and sparkly shoes made a woefully plain Word document into something right pretty.

Thirdly, Kim Vlasnik knows her way around a unicorn (WHAT?), and her awesome skills brought a little glitter and visual stimulation to this project.  

And fourthishly, Abby Bayer is a patient and tolerant editorial assistant who helped me compile and wordsmith these terms.  Without her, I'd be sunk.

So, with their help, and yours, we finally have the compiled Diabetes Terms of Endearment, as a pretty little eBook with the terms and jargon that only PWD and those who care for them can really understand (and now you can download it and laugh at it.  Or color.  Or show to your friends when you're all "no-hitter" and they're all "What does that mean?").

This project is constantly growing and changing, so be on the lookout for new editions as our community moves forward.  For now, can we please focus on the fact that the unicorn is on a Cakebook Pro???


Fantastic. Just what I needed to make it one more day with the big D. Laughter really is the best medicine.

OMG! I see my entry in the ebook. Twice! Great collection Kerri.

That's awesome!

Oh this is too fabulous! I am printing right now and G's endo is getting a copy. She hardly even understands me when I speak. This will be her translation guide.

Sprinkles will now be in the hands of an endo? My life's work appears to be complete.

Perfect start to my day! Thank you!

Awesomesauce :)

Watch out Websters! I can't believe it's 12 pages!!! Love it! Love it! Trying to decide who needs it most, my family, my friends, my endo/CDE, etc...

Totally awesome. Thank you for compiling. Must share with everyone who "gets it". Thanks Kerri, Meredith, Kelly and Abby

This is great - I sent it to my fam!
I especially like the definition of 'Exercise!'

A great resource for all of us PWD's. I can't believe how much of my life is explained in this eBook! Special thanks to Sparkles, Kerri, and everyone who contributed.

NEW - tella!!!

And how do I get my hands on a CakeBook Pro?

I'll share this with my endo's office. Thanks for the many laughs, I especially liked Disco Boobs and Give Mommy the Finger. :-)

What? "Diabitch" didn't make the list? That's my personal fav. It's what I call myself when I'm really low or really high and just being a general, all-around beeyatch. Seems to be getting worse with age too. I think my spouse actually coined the term. But I love it.

You GUYS. This is amazing!! People at work were giving me weird looks as I laughed (multiple times) while reading this.

I'm going to modify Pump Envy to CGM Envy - want! Fingers crossed for my endo appt next month...

This made me laugh out loud. LOVE it! But one thing - you forgot Divabetic - those over 30 living with divalicious with diabetes. I enjoy reading your blog daily (T1 - 20 years)

OMG! I have to send this to my endo and pump rep! Too funny!!!!

Dang, I totally dropped the ball on my unicorn drawings. They would have fit right in. :)

Love it:) I may be young but I know when I find a good blog:)

Oh man. I was literally laughing out loud at work today, hoping people who walked by my office wouldn't think I was crazy. THANK you for this! So awesome! I will be sharing with family and friends so they understand more of what I go through!

WAHOO! This is awesome :)

Thanks for all your hard work, guys...GREAT JOB!

Laughter truly is the best medicine, secondary only to insulin! Loved it! Thanks

I really needed this today. Thanks for making me laugh. If I find someone to share it with I will.

flippin SWEET!

Amazing! I LOVE it and this is something that I totally need! Love you ALL for doing this! dHugs!

An Infusion of laughter and humor needed in managing our Diabetes!

My daughter and I love this SO much! She is 12, and can relate to much of this. I have the URL saved on my phone because she likes to read it over and over...

Just came looking for this super reference again because I had a "Red Gold" moment this morning and couldn't remember the name for it. Lanced my baby finger and literally had droplets of blood that sqirted as far as 18 inches away. All over my notes from a recent meeting. Classy. :)

Oh my heck. I'm trying not to laugh too loud so I don't wake up my husband. This is HILARIOUS! So what I needed today as I am trying to recommit to working out. HILARIOUS. You people are awesome. :)

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