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From Abby: Jillian, Tally, Ginger, & Abby - Part One.

Abby is on a mission:  the girl is off to get fit, make use of some diabetes gear we were sent to try out, and tap into her inner diabetes scientist.  Here's Part One of her Mission.  :)  Go, Abby, go!!!

*   *   *

ABBY!  Clad in a snazzy purple sweater, don'tcha knowExercise is one of those words in my life that brings mixed emotions. I love what a solid workout routine does for my blood sugars, my weight, my energy level, and the way my clothes fit. The actual exercise part though, blows. I seriously hate it. I hate being out of breath. I hate sweating. I hate worrying the entire time that it was all for nothing if I go low after and have to eat all the calories back. It sucks.

That being said, sometimes things in life just suck and you have to do them anyway. (See: insulin).

So last year I was working for the YMCA and had a free gym membership. I went quite a bit until I broke my arm (snowboarding, not at the gym) then took so much time off and school caught up to me and I had a stack of excuses bigger than the stack of schoolwork looming over my head. So exercise flew out the window.

Now that I'm here in Boston, with tons and tons of time to spare, I figured I had no excuse. Like, seriously... not a good one at all. One of my very dear friends at CBC has just transformed her life by getting healthy, losing a bunch of weight, and she looks freeking awesome (hey Kerry!) and she did it by eating healthy, and working out. She posted frequently about her struggles with it on Facebook, and about her triumphs. Long story short, she is my inspiration. I know that at one point toward the beginning she used the Jillian Michaels' 30-day-shred DVD and she really loved it. A lot of girls at camp this summer were using it too, and raved about it - so I ordered it on Amazon last week. It came yesterday. 

Another addition to this little story is TallyGear.  While visiting camp this summer, Kerri gave me some TallyGear pouch band things to try out. (I had secretly wanted one for a while). So today I finally gave it a go while doing day one of the shred routines.

Last player in this game of health: Ginger Vieira.  A really long time ago she sent me her book Your Diabetes Science Experiment and I LOVE it. I read it immediately, and it's great. I won't recap it for you (yet!), but basically she puts your body's experience with diabetes and exercise into really understandable language. The book also makes learning how your own body deals with things really easy.

So today, September 20, 2011 [Editor's note:  So I'm late in posting this.  Sorry!!], I vow to do this 30-day-shred while wearing my flowery TallyGear tummy band thing, and write down my blood glucose before and after every workout, and two hours out, every day for 30 days.

You heard it here people. If I'm not going to be employed, I'm going to be healthy. Time for a change.

*   *   *

Go, Abby, go!!!!! I personally think that the cooler seasons are an easier time for me to get in shape, because summer has us doing a lot of travel and playing outside.  Following a steadier workout routine is more viable for me in the fall and winter.  (Even though I should be more motivated in the summer - bathing suit, and all.)  How about you guys - what motivates you, and how do you follow through?


Great goal, Abby! Variety will help. I am much less bored (and hence more motivated) by varying my work out. I swim T and TH and lift on M W and do cardio on the other days, or when I want an excuse to watch tv. My fitness-guru friends says this is "cross-training" but I think it is just less dull. Good luck!

Woooo!!! Abby! I'm so impressed. I've been doing Jillian Michael's yoga and I really like it :-)

GO, ABBY! You've done the hardest part: setting a realistic goal! When I first started exercising regularly in the gym about 4 or 5 years ago, I felt like I wasn't seeing any progress for about 3 months, but I literally thought, "Ya know, I don't look a whole lot different yet, but I REALLY feel good and love doing this..." so I stuck with it, and like a year later I was training and winning powerlifting competitions. So you just gotta stick with it, girl!!! Persistence!

I run for exercise, but honestly, over the years I've come to realize that running is more important for my mental health than my physical health (yes, it helps me keep my insulin needs pretty low...my when-I'm-running-a-lot basal rate is 8.4 u/day, as compared to about 12 u/day otherwise), but I've really noticed that I'm more irritable and prone to feeling stressed and anxious when I'm not running regularly. Running is my guaranteed "me" time (I usually listen to music or some of my favorite podcasts while I run...occasionally I do audiobooks). Since I've noticed the connection between running and my mood, it's actually easier to motivate myself to go on those days when I *realllllly* don't want to (and yes, those still happen all the time, despite the fact that I've been running for years now). Somehow for me I guess it's easier to make myself do something when I know it will make me feel better mentally than physically.

My 7 y/o daughter is type 1 and I encourage her to ride her bike, play soccer, run, swing, chase the dog. She just looks free when she's out there having fun. There is no thought of diabetes. i take that worry (for now). I love seeing her smile, laugh, and giggle--and rocket that ball at the goal! Good luck with your exercise. I'm a dedicated runner--EASE into any exercise program or you won't stick with it. Don't punish yourself. Try and find something that brings happiness.

Hooray for you Abby!!! I love using my "Total Gym" I ordered a few weeks ago (from QVC) at home, though Chuck Norris was not in the box to my dismay. I find myself jumping on and working out while I watch T.V. and I'm building some serious muscle already! Still trying to push myself to do more cardio though. Best of luck to you!!!! :)

I also hate exercise. I mean really, really hate it. I hate feeling sweaty and out of breath, though if I'm really into it, I enjoy sweating (weird, I know). That almost never happens, though...

Running always looked like fun, but that's something that my body isn't cut out for (my nice, poorly controlled asthma hates exercise, cold air, hot air, humidity, dryness, and fast breathing). But I do walk a mile each way to and from school four days per week...take that, thirty minutes of exercise four days per week!

Go, Abby, go!

i LOVE those tallybands! thanks for the tip. i am such a diabetes imposter (not diabetic--just a parent of a d-person.)i want one for my iPod. is that so wrong? maybe one day soon my son will have a pump and he can get one and we will be legit customers. but i can see--just like baby clothes--there's nothing fun or funky about the boy options.

I went from life-long sedentary person to finding my inner athlete this year. My motivation was wanting to look good in photos for my son's bar mitzvah, which is this coming January. I started a year out, set a reasonable weight-loss goal, saw a nutritionist, started working out with a personal trainer twice a week and tried to get in a half hour of cardio five days a week. I've already reached the weight-loss goal. The trainer worked magic and I saw almost immediate results. And I figured I'd have a hard time making excuses for not being able to find a half hour in my day to exercise. The whole journey's been remarkable. But I'm still trying to find the key to keeping my BGs steady… I'd love to hear what techniques others are using!

Best to you Abby. Looking forward to your future posts. Kerri- can you use your connections at Animas to get them to make some groovey meter covers for the Ping meter. The Tallygear is so fun. I'm getting tired looking at my daughter"s boring black meter case.

Hi! I just saw this and was grateful someone else is doing this. I don't have diabetes, but have followed this blog forever. I am young and have a pacemaker, and heart stuff, so I really need to exercise too. So I'm finally getting to it after three months of PT. So far so good. A friend says the first 6 weeks are the worst, and I really hope she is right!


You can do it Abby! Focus on PROGRESS, not perfection (oh how I LOVE that line). And even if you do go low and eat calories back in, don't forget you've revved up your metabolism and will feel good about working on you.

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