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My Cornea Hates Me.

Maybe a little bit of dust got trapped underneath my eyelid two nights ago?  Maybe I flicked toothpaste into my eye?  Maybe there are eyeball gnomes that go in while I sleep and chip away at my precious cornea?  Whatever the cause, I woke up on Monday morning with my eye halfway to "complete mess," and it completed the transition over the course of the day yesterday.  

Back to blind in one eye.  Back to swollen eyelid and sore eyeball and extreme razor-blade pain every time I blink.  Back to not being able to read my meter or my Dexcom ...

Not that the Dexcom is any use to me today.  My eye was so painful this morning that I popped a few Tylenol to help alleviate the swelling. They aren't kidding about that whole "Tylenol chews up and spits out your Dexcom readings:"

Can you tell when I took the Tylenol?  :)

Why does this eye injury keep recurring?  If you've had a corneal abrasion and you have tips on keeping it quiet and soothed, I would love to hear them.  (I currently use Muro 128 and those Refresh eyedrops when the weather outside is dry.)  Because if this injury continues to lash (ha?) out every few months, I'm going to look into glass eyeballs.  


When I take acetaminophen I put the Dex receiver far away from me and then try it after 4 hours or so. Usually about 6 hours until it settles down again.

My wife had one of these and needed eye drops every morning before she could open her eye. It did pass, but took several years. I don't think you can use eye drops too often (provided they're not for redness), get the ones for dry eye relief. Glass eyeballs are over-rated, though they do make for interesting party tricks. ;-)

I had a scratched cornea once and it was NOT fun. Since I wear contacts, my eye doc prescribed some fancy (read: expensive) eye drops called Vigamox. She also recommended this nighttime ointment from Systane-- it's basically this goopy gel you put onto your bottom eyelid and it kind of coats your eye through the night (makes for interesting vision when you first put it in).

For pain reliever, I take Motrin instead of Tylenol so it doesn't make the Dex go wonky. :)

I've had problems with my corneas for many years, over which time the underlying diagnosis has changed - probably with the diagnosing doctor, not the condition itself. My corneas now have little scars on them, but the damage is associated with inflammation in the lids that's autoimmune in nature or, possibly, an overreaction of the immune system to the normal bacteria. The inflamed lids abrade the cornea.

My current diagnosis is ocular rosacea. I tend to get flare-ups when I'm exposed to things like smoke, or sometimes pollen during spring and fall. I usually manage a flare-up easily with some steroid drops that I get from my ophthalmologist; each has his/her favorite, and sometimes they like to accompany it with an antibiotic so that I don't get a secondary overgrowth from suppressing the local immune cells that are freaking out. Keeping the local bacteria down in between flareups, like doing lid scrubs, seems to help, but I suck at this. Artificial tears help, too.

Anyway, talk to your ophtho; s/he may be able to hook you up with something better than the OTC options. Good luck!

Oh no Kerri! You poor thing. I hate that this has continued to be such a bothersome thing.

I didn't know you suffered the same prob as me Kerri? I wrote about this last year after scratching my cornea & not being treated correctly for it until 6 months later. I use the Muro 128 drops - as well as the gel (like Vaseline - fun to put in eye - but soothing) when it's really bad (all require a prescription). Any other drops do dick all.

I've never had what you are going thru' tho' since having the scratch - just annoying at times. Supposably in my case - maybe yours - that scratch has caused a scar - and will always flair up from time to time. At the same time - it was discovered that a cataract is forming in the same eye - but nothing serious yet (first sign of probs in my eyes after 44 years of the D).

So, if we ever meet up - we can both do mutual drops together (now wouldn't that make a fun picture - as we raise up our pirate eye patches).

Hi Kerri, I've been dealing with corneal abrasions since I had my last vitrectomy back in 2006. Don't fret, they have gotten less frequent as the years have gone by. That being said, what has helped me tremendously along the way was something called "Genteal Night time Ointment" (or as I like to call it, "goop" lol) I would put a small squeeze in my eye each night, it does kind of feel weird and makes vision blurry in the eye you are treating, it works wonders. (For me, anyway) Obviously, (or maybe not so obvious) there is more to this story that I am writing here, please feel free to contact me personally.

I should add that I'm not a diabetic, nor am I suggesting that our cornea problems are analogous, just a few thoughts about management. YMMV as always!

HA!! That link is great! lol. Your birdie would love to play with your glass eyeball even more than your pump.

I'm so sorry about your eye--I get SEVERE eye allegies where I just want to scratch my eyes out and I can only imagine how unpleasant this is for you. I'd go with advil though, if you can, to help reduce swelling and tame your Dex.

Dealing with eye discomfort (to say the least) for a different reason recently, I know how painful and inconvenient it can be. I hope you get answers & it feels better very soon.

It happened to me several years ago and I feel your pain. I used Genteal OTC eye drops and Genteal OTC eye gel at night. The gel is really goopy, but man does it work! It was the only thing that worked for me and my abrasion was really bad. I found it at Target... It comes in varieties for mild, moderate or severe. I used moderate during the day (a drop), and severe at night (a gel drop). Hope it helps you as much as it helped me!

I kept having a similar issue about 3 years ago and finally just gave up on contacts. I miss them, but I haven't had any other abrasions or infections. Hope you feel better soon.

I've been fighting a corneal erosion for about 2 months.


It isn't fun.

My ophthalmologist said a frequent resolution is the scrape off the eroded section and stick contact lens on my eye for 5-7 days.

Hopefully your eye calms down soon!

Oh man, what is the deal?!?! I hope you find an answer soon.

I'm sorry your still battling this eye thing, Kerri. Hope it settles down for good soon. Totally don't know if it's any worthwhile answer, but I've been dealing with a mild eye issue for a year or so and my eye hasn't healed adequately - so my eye doc prescribed steroid drops 4 times a day to strengthen. Once it clears up this time, maybe that's something that could help strengthen? I'm no expert, though.

Hey... I have quietly followed your blog for the past three years... I too have had the 'ol D for 25 years. I scratched my cornea three years ago when some sheetrock shards fell into my left eye putting a ceiling fan in... My cornea scratched directly in the middle of my eye which made seeing a huge chore.

I have had ongoing, recurring "rescratches" since then every few months or so since then.

My eye doc told me about the Muro 128 and I have been using that every night for the last couple of years, which seems to limit the recurrence, but there are some mornings when I wake up and screetch... A sandpaper eyelid drag across my eye that feels awesome and leaves me with blurry vision for a good 2-4 days.

It just so happens it seems my recurrences happen right around the same time yours do, as I am typing this with one good eye right now because of waking up with the awful pain of another rescratch this morning.

My eye doc said that there is a procedure that cuts the portion of cornea that is problematic out and then it reheals within seven days or so. You do have to wear some sort of contact and a patch for a few days however I believe...

I consider this option every time this happens, but I am fearful of the eye-cutting and the patch wearing contact fun.

Anyways... I am right there with you. I appreciate the blog. It's nice to hear from someone with the D who is dealing with the same garbage.

So sorry to hear this :( I wanted to mention here in case in helps anyone that my sister has some cornea issues that kept occurring and the doctor thought maybe she had become allergic to contact solution and provided her with a safe alternative. She has been better since so who knows, maybe that is going on with some others out there who use contact lenses. We with type 1 are more prone to allergy issues anyway. I hope you heal FAST!

It seems like you have a lot of helpful advice and I have none to offer.

So instead I will say... maybe you just like meeting people in cold, dark rooms...

Don't have time to read all comments - but wanted to suggest you try Similisan dry eye relief. It is AMAZINGLY better than any drops I've ever tried. The gels work pretty good at night but hard to see with and does a number on mascara that doesn't quit. Anyway, the Similisan is homeopathic which I don't usually "buy", but this stuff is really good. Hope you find something that helps. Hugs and good luck.

I scratched my cornea a while back with a porcelain chip whilst taking tiles of my bathroom, that taught me to always wear goggles!(bolting doors after horse bolted), anyway after a few weeks of pain etc an optician referred me to the eye clinic where they scraped the cornea with a scalpel. This made the wound more shallow allowing it to heal easier, I wore a patch for about 3 days then used visco tears drops 4 times a day. I now occasionally use the drops when my eyes feel tired and scratchy but I haven't had a problem with the eye for about 8 years now. If I rub my eyes too much then the eye which got damaged hurts a little so I revert to the drops again and hey presto

Hope this helps http://www.amazon.co.uk/Viscotears-Dry-Eye-Treatment-Liquid/dp/B00186GC3O/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1315987672&sr=8-1

Simon type 1 since 1976 (8th birthday present!)

You will, of course, opt for the Eye of Sauron, I presume.

@Krista, thanks for an early morning laugh. @Kerri, make sure to be nice to Saruman when you pick it up. He's got a wicked tempah.

I had recurring corneal abrasions after a LASIK procedure in 2001, along with some inflammation and healing problems, and I wore the pirate eye patches for a good while. I thought it would never end but it DID end after a year and has not recurred.

Don't let up on the goopy gel tears or Muro 128 at night...don't miss a night even when you're doing well. Similisan dry-eye drops are GREAT and I still keep them handy. If you have high BGs, remember to use eye drops every couple hours till you come down. Stay hydrated in general. Good luck!!!

Forgive me if my english is not perfect. As doctor i can say that these kind of problems are not easy to fix. i had many patients with eye's problems and diabetes as you know won't help.

ty for this blog, i love to read people experience.


I rarely have any eye infection or challenges. However about 2 years ago, I ended up with a cornea infection that occured out of the blue. My eye would tear up excessively when exposed to sunlight and was very sensitive. Luckily, my optometrist of 6 years, also a good friend took a look at my eye and prescribed Prednisolone Acetate Drops. In a few days I was back in tip-top shape. Turns out it was some sort of cornea inflammation. So far no re-occuring episodes have been present. (crossing fingers) Hope that helps.

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