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Dear Birdy,

Oh my goodness, are you really seventeen months old?  So big!  And with this new milestone comes your INTENSE PERSONALITY.  Since your arrival seventeen months ago, you've been the most chilled out, happy baby.  You have always been quick to smile, laugh, and hug.  We've heard from a lot of people that you're a super easy baby to take care of, and we've always been thankful for that fact.

Nice outfit, goofball.

So I'm sure everyone is snickering behind their hands now that you're in Tantrum Mode.  

Oh, tantrums.  You had your first public fit two weeks ago, and it was extreme.  (Or at least for you.  And me.  I remember sweating instantly, in a complete panic.)  We were at the mall, in line paying for something, and you decided that the stroller was not working out for you anymore.  So instead of raising your arms to be picked up, or saying "Maaa!  Maaaa!" and waiting for me to rescue you, you opted to arch your back, flail your arms and legs, and make a sound not unlike a weasel in a woodchipper.  "Naaaaaawwwww!  Maaa maaaa!!  Grrrrr!"  Like the still-new-mama that I am, I made the mistake of letting you loose.  In the store.  Before I'd finished at the register. 

What came next was a very awkward, very loud combination of me trying to hold you in my arms while paying for our purchase, while you hollered and tried to eat my face.  But then you became distracted by the very handsome boy behind the register.  "Oh, she's happy to see me!" he said, smiling and adjusting the sweater tied around his neck.  "Yes, she loves boys.  It's so awkward, but she's a flirt."  He leaned in as he put the purchase into a bag.  "I know what she means.  I love boys, too!"

And you tried to give him a high-five.  Birdy: 1, Mama: 0.

Tantrums are still rare, but you bust them out at home now, too.  I've never been a mom before, so I'm not sure how to handle you when you're throwing a fit, but I tend to completely ignore you.  (After giving you a big warning first.  "If you continue to throw a fit, I'm going to stand right here and ignore you until you're done?  Ready?  Ignoring you ... now.")  You push on for a few more seconds, but then you stop, stare at me as I pretend not to watch you, and then you stand up and tug on my sleeve.  "Mamamamamama?"  

Mama: 1, Birdy: 0.

Words are spilling out of you at a rapid rate these days.  Topping the list just this week are:  dirt, auntie, bathroom, thanks, and rock-rock (for your rocking chair).  You repeat everything I say, which means that my curse word use has deceased significantly and I'm in full-on Yosemite Sam mode.  (Fricka fracka.)  And you babble on and on, talking animatedly to anything that will sit still long enough for you to pummel it with your words. 

You are an amazing little lunatic.  I love watching you become a little girl, complete with sweet smiles, goofy laughs, and a stubborn streak that I can't figure out the origin of.  (Whoops.)  I love you, love you, love you, and if you continue to go over to the pots and pans cupboard and return proudly with the colander on your head, I will personally find a way to restart the space program, you crazy astronaut, you.

Ground Control to Major Bird.

Love always and to the moon (and back),


HAHAHAHA! So flippin cute!

"You are an amazing little lunatic." that line had me rofl.

Someday when she sees these, and she's somewhere in her teens, she'll have another tantrum. "moooooooom, you called me a goofball onliiiiiiiine!"

:) I love your Birdie stories. She is a beautiful little girl.

I love these posts! And BSparl's "hat" pictures is adorable. Even with those tantrums she's still *almost* enough to make me want to have a child. Almost.

I enjoy the updates, the boy flirt had me giggle at work :) As for tantrums, ignoring them worked fairly well for me, I just made sure there wasn't anything breakable (or anything to break their heads on) in the near vicinity and let them tantrum away. My oldest figured it out quickly, but the youngest, who's 8, still throws hissy fits. But she is a bit of a drama queen. :/

Haha - that's not an astronaut helmet, that's a fencing mask - all she needs is a saber in that outstretched hand! Start lessons early, maybe she'll get a scholarship to Harvard :)

you haven't lived until you've hauled your toddler through the mall while she yells (in perfectly trained kidnappy tones) "THIS IS NOT MY MOTHER!"

That colander on the head picture has got to be one of the funniest/cutest ever. And my all time favorite word of hers = auntie :)

This is such an amazing way to document your life. Motherhood and diabetes is definitely a challenge, but I would have to say it is the best thing in the world. Having such a wonderful sun shine with you everyday reminds us what life is really about! She is adorable. I am also a Type 1 Diabetic with a child, and he is the light of my life. Please look at what we have to offer at antibodyninja.blogspot.com

ahhhh cutesplosion! i wish i'd kept more records like this when my kiddo was bsparl's age. :)

I love how she flirts with boys!!!! And the best way to end a tantrum is to ignore it completely. It looks like you're doing great!

Love the "Guess how much I love you" quote at the end there!

My little girl (now six years) starting her tantrums around the same age. I remember saying to our maternal and child health nurse "I thought it was the terrible twos - not the terrible one-and-a-halfs". Her response "Oh no - by two they've perfected it. This is the rehearsal stage."

Such a beautiful documentation of your little one growing up. Just gorgeous!


Teaching her the word auntie was a very good decision. The spoiling will now reach epic proportions!

Love the "rehearsal stage"! Birdy sounds like my Isabel. She started around the same age....having perfected it by the 'terrible twos' we had the 'terrible threes' (I remember asking my Mum when it would stop....and Mum gave me an evil chuckle with a look in her eye as if to say "Boy, do you have it coming to you....!") ....and we are now on to the 'terrible fours' and fast approaching the 'fives'...what will that be like? No sign of the tantrums stopping just yet.... But on the plus side, with a little girly drama queen you also get amazing, spontaneous, heartwarming, joyful displays of affection, happiness, laughter....and that is also continuing :) So the tantrums are (I think) all worth it! I love reading your monthly Birdy posts - keep 'em coming. She will love reading them one day. Such precious memories. Beautiful!

I have almost the exact same picture of my daughter and the colander! This is just the beginning of such a fun age (besides the tantrums). I have a 2 year old, and can't get enough of her craziness!!

OMG She is soooo freaking adorable!!! LOVE it!

And just when I think that your girlie can't get any more adorable, she DOES. I lovelovelove that pink tutu.

Little kid high fives are among the awesomest ever, aren't they? :]

Such a cute post! Love reading about you and your little one. The colander hat is adorable. :)

Mall temper tantrum. Check.

You're right on track :)

Oh my...I feel like you just transported me back in time. Parenting Bridge at that age was easy...Joe on the other hand, embarassed the shit outta me. Parenting has humbled me BIG TIME.

She is precious Kerri.

I call this personality!!

I need to stop reading your blog at work! Trying to keep from snickering only made the laughter and crying worse. Hats off to the first tantrum!

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