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Sunday Snapshots: The Age Old Question.

Is it true??

Is coffee truly greater than, or equal to, insulin?  I'm going with "yes."
(Here's a link to the mug on Zazzle.  :) )



Holy Crap Awesome! And so very true.

Can you make another version with a can of Diet Pepsi? I would pay big money for that!!

Um, I'm going to say: YES, as well. Without coffee, I act just like I am without insulin (grumpy and not someone you want to be around).

Where on earth did you get that mug?? And I have to agree (as I am sitting here typing this with a huge mug of coffee next to me). :)

WHERE did you get that mug?!?!?!?!?! I've been on insulin longer than coffee, but both seem pretty necessary at this point... Both keep me functioning... One keeps me happy, one keeps me alive. Love it!!!

I wonder how they'd depict sleep on a mug like that...except I decided a long time ago that one cup of coffee is not a good substitute for a night of sleep. I think the conversion factor is about six cups for one night...

I Want That Mug! my mornings are a toss up ~coffee first or insulin??
depends on the BG result. coffee usually wins! :0)

Oh, yeah!!! I want that mug too! And, I agree with Jen above, Diet Pepsi is a close second. :) But, coffee wins...

I am not aware of this exactly, but I know that In can not live without my favourite cup of coffee!

Mine came in the mail on Friday. Awesome!

One of the greatest tragedies of my late diagnosis with T1 (almost 3 years now!) was that the autoimmune bug hit me all at the same time. Not only did my favorite baked goods suddenly come with a great deal of baggage (tragic), but a simultaneous Dx with interstitial cystitis meant that the often carb-neutral, mostly "free," and awesomeness that is coffee also became mostly off limits. I'm still able to indulge in a decaf every now and then, thanks to an awesome treatment schedule. But I sometimes really do wonder...if I could choose to eat without thinking, or have a cuppa joe without regretting it later, which would I choose? That's one of those stranded-on-a-deserted-island questions I'll never be able to answer. Hahaha. Deserted island. Kerri your influence is showing. The island in my imagination is decorated with banana splits. Get it?! DESSERT-ed island!

Coffee wins hands down - without it, I can't even get the needle into the vial. So no coffee = no insulin.

Ever poke a dragon with a sharp stick? Pester me before I've had coffee and find out what it's like. :-)

Does this come in chocolate?
Mmmm, insulin or chocolate?
And seriously, can I buy these?

I am totally getting me one of these. I need both coffee and insulin to survive and function.

I think the answer is clear, since the design was done on a COFFEE mug and not an insulin bottle :)
I love it!

check cafepress.com -- they have some fun diabetes-related stuff (including coffee mugs).

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