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I have no idea who to credit this image to, but whoever you are, you are awesome.

I'm at the ePatient Connections conference in Philadelphia this week, and Seth Godin just presented the opening keynote about the power of patients, rising against a broken system, and the importance of leading.  This image was behind him for the closing of his speech.

I love this. And I wanted to share it with you guys.

(And I don't care if it's Photoshopped. :) )


I LOVE that photo!!! Thanks for sharing:)

I saw Seth speak a few weeks ago. Very inspirational!

I LOVE Seth Godin! :D

Coming from someone who knows Photoshop very well, I must say that it's either not Photoshopped or VERY well done. Kudos to whomever took that picture!

And it's SUCH a good symbol for people with diseases who are told "you can't do that". Excuse me, but I CAN and I WILL. Who says we have to conform?

I really hope it isn't photoshopped!


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