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We're More Than Our Numbers.

I'm working on recapping the ePatient Connections conference from last week, but what resonated most for me was hearing patients reiterate "We're more than our diseases!"  And it struck me that I'm constantly judging myself on those tougher diabetes moments, and refusing to celebrate the successes.  I need a little more celebration. 

I know my cumulative health is what doctor's pay attention to, but sometimes I just want to sing from the rooftops about that nice, round 100 mg/dL.  Blood sugars that are out of range get all the attention; it's time for me to feel good about the wheels that don't squeak.  ;)


I feel like this video was speaking directly to me. I need to remember that despite the fact that I have diabetes, I am a healthy, 26-year-old active woman who thankfully has no tire marks that diabetes has left. That is a victory to celebrate for sure!

I needed this! Have you ever made a video geared specifically for kids? My son has watched a couple of your videos ( you're very funny!) but I would love for him to see one that is more for his age....just a thought if you're bored one day. LOL!

Thank you.

I am a constant follower and love to read all of your blogs! I have one question though. I am doing a science project on how sugar an subsitues for sugar effect your blood sugar. I couldn't get your email so I decided to post something and hope you see it. If i could either get your email or if you could just answer my question straight up or anyone else thats sees this thanks! My question was if you have any recipes for subsitutes of sugar and other stuff to make the cookies healthier but are still good and doesn't make your blood sugar go as high. (chocolate chip please!) thank you!

This is so lovely Kerri and so useful, in diabetes and in life. I am going to show it to Grace, who may not get it all, but she needs to hear this, that she is more than diabetes, that it does not define her. Thanks
And I am still bummed about missing the meetup!!!!

You're so cute! Great reminder, thanks :)

Thank you so much, I needed this. After an A1C that was drifting up towards 10 and crying in the car home, I needed this. I'm more than my diabetes- and there are so many body parts of mine that DO work! :)

Kerri- You are so freakin' awesome! I read you often to learn how to better support my 10 y.o. daughter with Type 1. I sometimes show her posts and videos that I think will make a difference to her. She'll see this one tomorrow! Thanks for sharing.

I love your vlogs!

And I hope you don't mind that every time you talked about appreciating the little moments, I felt like it was my own individual blog shout-out. ;)

Kerri - I loved this! It is the truest thing I have heard in a long time. Can you tell my Mom all that? :)lol

Every visit with my doctor, he will point out after all the review of A1C's and BG numbers some of the good spots in my diabetic care. He knows I work hard at keeping the numbers under control but that I am HUMAN.
Keep up the good work. You are doing great.

birdy cameo!

great vlog, as ever. thanks. :)

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