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Diabeetus Ink.

For someone without any permanent ink on their body (unless Sharpie marker counts), I sure do feature a lot of posts about tattoos.  Like the one of the Minimed pump.  And Abby's dia-ink.  I think that committing fully, and tattooing something diabetes-related on your body, is a really daring feat.  

And sometimes, I get emails from people who have diabetes tattoos that make me laugh out loud and I beg them to let me share.

Thankfully, SUM reader Tim didn't mind.  His diabetes tattoo is straight out of one of my favorite TV shows, The Family Guy.  Here's Tim's quick take on the how and the why, and then you have to see these photos:

From Tim:  "I got this tattoo at Hard Knox Tattoos in Hinesville, Ga. I'd been wanting some fresh ink for about a year, but I couldn't decide on what it should be. I wanted something to tie in with my diabetes. When I saw the Family Guy clip with Wilford Brimley I knew what it had to be. I bounced the idea off of my friends and coworkers with mixed responses. My diabetes camp friends thought it was awesome. My mother didn't."
"I love my new tattoo and I can't wait to show it off at diabeetus camp next year.
Well-played, Tim.  Well played, indeed.


I don't like tattoos b/c they are permanent, and I feel that what affects you now might not in 20 years. But then there's D and a tat makes sense b/c D is permanent too. And that fact makes me want to cry! I just don't want to accept that D is the only truly permanent thing in this transient world. It's just too sad.

that is fantastic.

i recently go my diabetes tattoo. my friends son was doing a project in school about diabetes,and she showed him the picture i have on facebook. he asked her what would happen when they finally found a cure? i told her to tell him i would just add the words "used to be a" at the top!!

Am I the only person that thinks a permanent tattoo of Wilfurd Brimley is something I wouldn't want on my body every single day for the rest of my life?
just my opinion.

I agree with Denise. A diabetes tattoo is doubly sad.

I just didn't understand why he would want a guy's face on his chest! At first I thought it was a joke. LOL But it makes him happy and I love him no matter what. MOM

I think its great babe! :) I love you :)

My friend just pointed out that I have half naked pictures of myself on the internet. Which somehow makes this even better.

rock on, tim. rock, the eff. on.

I don't have diabetes tattoos, only cancer ones. And they are the mandatory radiation field ones. But I do know where Hard Knox Tattoos is.

Tim, you & your tattoo rock in more ways than I can possible name! And it sounds like your mom is coming around, so bonus! My brother is a tattoo artist in Shreveport, LA. One day I'm going to get up the courage to let him ink me. I figure that courage will come when I fall in love with an idea for the tattoo. :)

I've tossed around the idea of a medical alert tattoo just incase i'm out and about on my own, anything could happen! I always wear a medical alert braclet, but who knows anything could happen (a braclet could be lost or not scene). A Tattoo will be always there, just like my condition T1 diabetes will be with me, but not controlling me.

Your tat is great Tim! My hubby and I are the ones with the Minimed pumps! ;0)

that tattoo gave me diabeetus.

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