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Diabetes Sisters: Pearls of Wisdom.

At the Diabetes Sisters conference last weekend, the theme seemed to be "pearls of wisdom," and sharing those moments with others in the "sisterhood of diabetes."  I loved this workshop moment, because regardless of how long you've been living with or caring for someone living with diabetes, you've learned something.  That's something that I'm reminded of everyday:  it's impossible to know it all.  The learning curve for life with diabetes is steep and constant, but sharing our stories and leaning on one another helps make the tougher moments easier to manage. 

Here are a few of my favorite "pearls" from the conference:

I love this one.

And this one ...

And this one.  :)

Looking at this whole table of wisdom inspired the hell out of me, and confirmed, yet again, that I'm not alone with any of this.  Do you have a pearl of wisdom about life with diabetes?  Share it!  

[Disclosure:  I was asked to attend the conference by the team at Animas, and they paid my travel, lodging, and expenses.  Full details on my relationship with Animas here.  And lastly, do you start your day with a bowl of Sugar Frosted Fat?]


I love your posts about the Diabetes Sister conference. Do they hold this every year? I want to go next year!!

Do your best and to God trust the balance.

I love this so much.

I do my best cause "I am Human". 23 yrs T1
I will try to make it next year.

My mantra in life is that "God does NOT give to me what I can handle. He HELPS me handle what I am given." Thanks for your posts Kerri!

I can do my best to control "the number".

The rest is in God's hands.

I think God and I are a great team.

Type 1 40 years

I heard my "pearl" at FFL a few years ago.

Not "why" but "what now?"

Natalie's "pearl of wisdom" is amazing. She is 100% correct, "tomorrow is a brand spankin' new day."- This fits diabetes perfectly.


Type 1 Diabetes since the age of 12 (now 39) and lovin every single second of my blessed life.

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