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Halloween and Diabetes: 2011 Edition.

Happy Halloween!!!  I've been writing about the diabetes and Halloween nest of chaos for the last few years, and I wanted to highlight a few of my past (and some recent) Halloweenie posts:

Pumpkin item one!"Dressing up was not an issue. I wore my silly costumes proudly and they were always homemade. I was a fairy godmother one year. I was a gypsy for about three years running. Another year I was Bo Peep, complete with sheep.

Then one year, I was diabetic."  - More Than Candy and Costumes (Generation D, 2006)

Pumpkin item one!"I never dressed up as scary things. I wasn't drawn to witch costumes, or goblins. But one costume I always pictured was dressing up as diabetes.

Only I couldn't completely nail down what that would look like." - My Diabetes Halloween Costume (Generation D, 2011)

Pumpkin item one!And then there's that video with the convict costume:

But what Halloween is really about this year, for my family, is seeing how much longer we can convince Birdy that she's a fire-breathing, high-octane-giggling dragon:

Squeeze her too hard and she'll burp fire all over you.

Dragon Bird, taking a break

Happy Halloween, everyone!!!  Stay safe, and don't burp the dragon, or you'll end up needing a fire extinguisher.  


Damn she's cute. For real....she's, you might say, WICKED cute!

My son was diagnosed a week before Halloween. A few days after we left the hospital, there it is! Ethan was 8 and he LOVED this holiday. The doctors kept saying we want him to feel normal and have fun. He can have candy, just not the whole bag in one night. It was the mom in me who wanted him to have the best time and not have to grow up so fast and yet I didn't want his sugars to sky rocket and this was a scary new world for me. It's been 3 years. And we try and not sweat it. We have a new normal and that just means everyone in the house eats the candy in moderation, that's just how it is. Which is not a bad thing! People often say "I could never do that" fill in the "that" with anything diabetes related. And I often reply "Yes you could! It's your child, you would do anything so they can live!". And Halloween becomes a no big deal situation in the big picture! BTW Love your blog!

A dragon that breathes cute!!

That is the cutest dragon I've ever seen :)


and now i dead from cute dragon.

How does she just keep getting cuter?! Cutest dragon EVER! :)

I wondered why you had such a quick trip last week. Seeing that photo, it all makes since now.

Too Cute.

That girlie [i mean, DRAGON!] of your just gets cuter and cuter doesn't she? :]

RAWR!!! Oh my, she's a cutie! Did she enjoy waltzing into everyone's houses like she owned 'em? All ready for a nice little visit?!

That's how my little guy was last year AND again this year! :$ He even stole a little toy truck at one house! He was not leaving without it...

Don't tell me there's not a hairbow hidden under there......

Thought I recognized you & your dragon when my monkey, pirate & I were out walking last week. My pirate kept commenting about how "cute" the dragon was- indeed she was.

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