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New Dexcom Goals.

Before getting pregnant, I lowered my blood sugar range goals on the Dexcom because I wanted my standard deviation tightened up ... and also because I know that for me, beating back those high blood sugars is my biggest challenge. 

Even though we are not moving towards another pregnancy (hell to the no), I still want to regain the kind of preconception control.  For the last few months, I had my Dexcom goals set between 200 mg/dL and 60 mg/dL, and I recently lowered my high threshold to 180 mg/dL.  Not a big change, but enough of one to make me pay closer attention and to put in that extra effort.

Trying my best to hit the mark.  Or stay between the lines.  Whatever the right catch phrase is:  that.

This isn't a no-hitter, but it's close.  I'm not aiming for perfection, but just to feel a little bit better.  That still counts for something, right?


Feeling better is everything.
I'm just getting my BG under control after over 2 years of ignoring it. Talk about a long burnout.

Glad to hear that things are changing for the better for you.

I have a love-hate relationship with my 180 threshold. I like the feeling of tighter control but I wish I could make it stop alarming so much ;)

I can't wait until the day I'm ready for a 180 high alarm. Someday...

I have my upper limit set at 180 also, but only have it vibrate. It wails at me when I drop below 60 though.

My Lower threshold is set at 70 because sometimes it doesn't pick up the low until I am really low.

My low threshold is also at 70, for the same reason. Hate that "Oh, hello 45!" meter reading when Dexcom says 75. My high threshold is 160 (used to be 140!) but I do that more for the upward arrow trend to try to correct early vs. (unrealistically) trying to say in the 70-160 range all the time. Also, my Dexcom alarm is on vibrate only, so I get less of that annoying beeping. On a side note, I am lucky enough to feel my lows around 50, even waking at night with 50-ish, so I don't need the beep at night.
Love my Dex!

It's looking like a no hitter to me, my friend. Downright beautiful!

Totally counts for something, totally.

Also, "Hell to the no" is my stock answer to "Are you thinking of having another?".

Because, uh, DAMN.

Totally counts! It's not about perfection, it's about PROGRESS!!!!

Good luck, Kerri! Feeling good is what it's about, and whatever makes you best able to enjoy life, there you go. Now, I just have to get on that bandwagon myself...

I use 70 and 130. I've had a rough patch lately, as it seems as if the seasonal changed has made a *big* bump in nighttime needs. I turned it up and it ran a bit low, I turned it down, it's back high the last 3 nights so tonight it's turned back up. argh. I like to have a tight alarm on it though, as it seems to increase my chances of hitting the target?

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