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Snapshots: Pump Reboot.

Sometimes I really do feel like a mad scientist.

Because my bathroom doubles as my diabetes laboratory.

... and photography studio, apparently.  ;)


Awesome bokeh! :)

I just posted one of these on my FB the other with a battery change. Fresh bottle of insulin,cartridge and set change. THE WORKS!!!!
The things us D's do to live.

I can so relate to this image. I also make my site change infront of a mirror. Otherwise my mad scientist routine gets all messed up.

My mad scientist cabinet is 9 drawers big. Only PWD would understand these images.

My daughter start her pump training next week. We are all so excited.

This weekend I caught myself "showing off" - that is, drawing out insulin from the almost-empty cartridge with an old-skool syringe and shooting it into my arm, in front of a buncha colleagues. My way of saying, "watch out, I'm diabetic, I am HARD-CORE." I adore the jaw-dropped gazes and occasional questions that follow. :) They make me feel like a hero.

And I think it's important from time to time for us PWDs to remind ourselves we ARE heroes. Hi-fives to all of us.

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