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Toronto Type 1 Update.

I have a lot of travel scheduled for this fall, but one trip I'm particularly excited about is my first true Canadian Adventure ... aka the Toronto Annual Type 1 Diabetes Update.  Taking place on Saturday, November 19th at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, it's a half-day party of diabetes information and exhibits. 

The last (and actually first) time I was in Toronto was for TIFF last year, and we didn't have a chance to see much of the city.  I'm excited to check out Toronto, and hopefully get together with some PWD locals, if you guys are around!

You can download the full PDF here.  And to RSVP for this event, you can call Robin Dales at 905-464-4939 or email rdales@itsjnj.com.  Should be a fun party - would love to see you there!!


Bummer, You + Canada + Type 1 conference=

be careful! Last time I went to Toronto I ended up bungee jumping off a 200 foot tower that I had to climb a ladder up (with nothing tethering me to the ladder). Yes I have it on DVD and I'm DYING to find someone who knows how to put it on youtube or facebook! Have a great trip there. Sounds excellent. Might see if I can swing up.

OMGosh it is all over FB...your coming to Canada!!

How exciting!!

Although I'm not an individual with type 1, I'm a mom with a type 1 I would still love to go and hear you speak and meet you.

OMGosh I would love for my little Cara (T1) to meet such an inspirational member of the DOC!!

I'm about to email Ms. Dales to see if there is still room to attend! Bungee jumping - sounds like fun (and me with a fear of heights as well). Look for me - i'll be wearing my cats ears like I did at the CWD event in Toronto!

Wow, I will totally try to be there! I live an hr from Toronto and would love to meet you. :)

Awesome! Maybe you can play some basketball with Rick! That dude is a serious hoopster! :-)

Have a great trip and please share with us when you return. I would love to have the means to go to anything type 1 related. I have never been to a diabetic event in my whole 26 years with type 1. I just in the last 2 year found the DOC. I love what you do. Thanks

Sorry Kerri for my comment that stopped and went no where!! lol. I meant to say, Bummer, You + Canada+ Type 1 conference= Would LOVE to go, and FINALLY meet you and others in the DOC. However, This lucky type-1 should be enjoying the first week after giving birth to our daughter. I wish you all the luck and take lots of photos!! Can't wait to read up once we're home!:)-Cassie

Just registered. Prepare to meet this T1 Canadian blogger gal.

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