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Bird: A Quick Language Primer.

I am slowly learning to speak "bird," and it's been an eye-opening experience, seeing the world through her perspective.  Here's a quick primer:

Sterling ... pewter.  Right up in here.

This is a "pewter."

Faffles for everyone!!

And this breakfast treat is referred to as a "faffle."

Clearly this is a size 24 AA.

"Bra."  Self-explanatory, right?

Poor little Siah, hiding from BirdFace.

"Size."  A quiet pause, and then charging after her:  "SIZE!!  SIZE!!!"

Poor Size.  She's going to end up covered in faffles one of these days.


I was diagnosed with Type 1 at the age of 44. I am using diet ( very low carb) as a means for helping maintain better blood sugar control. I am trying to find others who are doing the same on line. I appreciate your site and look forward to reading more- J

Oh, how I adore toddler talk. My girls had a few good ones: computer was "poo-da-doe" and helicopter was "hop-o-ta-tow". :)

My nephew has a few of his own as well. He still can't say my name right, so I'm "Sita" instead of Sarah. And anything with a "th" in it, has an "f" sound.

Too cute! My favorites were 'Ankee' for blankey, 'a-quack-quack' for an attempt at aquamarine and wait for it...'cooch' for couch.

My sister had "yust" for "just" for years, even though she knew she said it wrong.

And I can just see her running after Siah, screaming "SIZE! SIZE!", but can you please post a video of that, anyway?? It's just too cute!

size's ears are awesome in that pic! love the baby language. :)

Wearing faffles and chasing bras :) It's a wonderful life!

Troy calls a computer a "pewter pewter". :)

I feel crappy BG-wise today, so this was a much needed smile :)

My sister and I had twin talk. It drove my mother and siblings crazy. The crazy thing about it was that she still remembers it. Sometimes she surprises me by bringing up a word or phrase. I know what she means when she says it, but don't really recall it myself.

I just LOVE toddler-speak. My nephew is 5 but still has trouble with my name. So did his sister 10 years before him so she dubbed me Aunt Re. But the nephew calls me Aunt We. He melts my heart every times he says it too. :)

Ha! Too cute. My cousin had trouble with his C's as a toddler and said T's instead...for many years he used to say that Little Miss Muffit sat on her tuffit eating her 'turds on the way'. Priceless.

I think our little girls have the same dictionary. We love our faffles for breakfast and get very upset if someone is on Daddy's pewter. Little ones are so much fun and I love those moments when I finally figure out what she is saying and think is that what I really sound like?

Careful, some of these words might stick. You know Wendy... as in the fast-food joint? Well, Dave Thomas's daughter's name isn't Wendy at all; it's Melinda. But whenever Melinda's younger sister tried to say her name, it came out as "Wendy". Years later, Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers was born. (I know, not exactly a diabetes-related comment... but I'll choose the high-carb faffle over a high-protein burger 9 times out of 10)

These are great.

My niece couldn't say my name when she was little - from Sarah's comment, it sounds like our name is a tough one.

I became Auntie Yaya, which was fine with me because I would tell her Yes to everything anyway. Donut? Ya. Candy? Ya. :)

My son and I used to go up and down tall buildings in the "alligator". And his name was "Dosh" (Josh). And my nephew called me "Natatie". I hope you're making recordings of her words and sounds, because they won't last very long! :-)

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