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D-Blog Day: 2011 Style.

Gina, creator of D-Blog Day, issued a bit of a different challenge this year:  scrapbook your diabetes.  The only rules were to have your page on a 12x12 piece of paper, include the blue World Diabetes Day circle, the phrase "I want a cure," and your name and diagnosis details.  The rest is up to you.

Being the Last Minute Johnny that I am, I didn't have a chance to create my World Diabetes Day postcard (more on that later) or my scrapbook page until today, but I'm proud to be a late entry.  And honestly, playing "artist" for the morning did wonders for my writer's block.  I'm suddenly feeling very inspired.  

My D-Blog Day entry for 2011.

(And I do want a freaking cure.  But I know how to ask nicely.)

With Sprinkles on top?  ;)

Happy D-Blog Day to my friends and extended family in the Diabetes Online Community!!  


So awesome!

I'm REALLY impressed. I could never put anything together half that cool.

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