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Diaversaries and Cake.

A few weeks ago, I posted a photo and part of an email from a reader who had made an insulin pump-shaped cake for their daughter's birthday.  In that magical way of the Internet (where cats haz a cheeseburger and lovely little bean people talk about diabetes), another family with a kid pumping insulin caught the post, and baked up a little bolus of their own.

So, to kick off Diabetes Month here, I connected with Gwyneth's mom, and Gwyneth emailed me her perspective on what it's like to mark her first diaversary, which is TODAY.  At the start of Diabetes Month.  How's that for timing?  

Another awesome insulin pump cake.  :)

"My name is Gwyneth and I'm from San Luis Obispo, CA. I was diagnosed with type 1 on November 1, 2010. I thought that this would be the end of the world but it turned out to be awesome (most of the time). I am in 4th grade and I just turned 10 two weeks ago. This Tuesday I will have my official 1 year 'diaversary.' I celebrated it along with my 10th birthday party. I loved the insulin pump cake my mom made. I wanted my cake to look like my Animas Ping because I don't have to get shots anymore and I wanted to celebrate that. My pump makes things easier for me and I feel like I have more freedom now. Everyone at my school knows that I have the pump (they used to think it was an iPod) and they support me a lot. They loved my pump cake and sang me Happy Birthday, and then Happy Diabirthday!

The best part about being type 1 is finding out just how much my friends and family love me. My five year old brother used to run out of the room when I had to test or get shots but now he tests me on his own. This is good because he just got diagnosed with type 1 a few months ago. He is not on the pump yet but he will be and when he is, he'll get a pump cake, too!"

Gwyneth, if you are able to hang on to even a wee bit of that sunny disposition, you will be okay.  Thank you so much for emailing me, and happy diaversary!!  You have a whole community of people with diabetes who are there for you as you grow up.  xo

(You can read more about Gwyneth and her little brother at Elaine's blog, Diabetic Sunshine.  Thanks again for sharing your story, you guys.)


What a wonderful story and way to celebrate both a birthday and diaversary!

What a great way always look on the bright side. My son was diagnosed 2 days before his 1st birthday (which is Halloween). Next year, I think we will use your idea. I hope you don't mind. I think it is GREAT!

awwwwesome! thanks for sharing, kerri! and happy diaversary to you, gwyneth!

Hooray for first-year diaversaries! (Mine is December 2nd!) I think it's also really nice that she and her brother can share their experience with T1D -- as someone who lives with two other T1's, I can vouch for the importance of having family that understands. :)

That kid's got it! The secret to success is having (letting) friends and family support you. Too many people with diabetes don't know how to explain their diabetes so they don't like talking about it.

I wish my insulin pump was a cake.

I like Bendan's comment best!
Thanks for introducing us to Gwyneth.

Hey, thanks for the post about Gwyneth. My daughter got Gwyneth as her World Diabetes Day postcard exchange buddy. It is fun to learn a little bit more about her before Ava sends her a homemade postcard. Thanks!

Thanks for linking humablog! Great post Kerri!

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