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From Abby: Part Two of the Shred.

Abby continues to shred (ouch?).  Because she's awesome.  Or crazy.  But either way, she's still on her mission to get into better shape and find her abs.  ;)

*   *   *

So remember how I started Jillian / Tally / Ginger plan? Well, here’s a little update.

First of all, I love the TallyGear Tummietote. I have a size small Tummietote, and a small-waist-larger-hips kind of body, so I wear it really nerd-ily around the thinnest part of my waist. If I have a big t-shirt on, I keep it under the shirt, and if I’m wearing a yoga-type shirt I put it over it. (I work out alone in my living room, so thankfully, fashion is not a priority here.) I love that it keeps my pump tight and close to my body but the pump doesn’t get all sweaty and gross as it would if it were clipped to my shorts. I’ve also washed the Tummietote twice and you’d never know it; it still looks brand new.

Rockin' the Tummietote

Secondly, I’ve been keeping an excel spreadsheet of my pre- and post- workout blood sugars and treatments, as well as other notes (such as adding weights or post-exercise highs) and my weight weekly.  I got this idea from Ginger Vieira’s book and modified it a little bit so it fit what I was doing.  I have a very "chart, math, science-y" sort of brain, so organizing things in a spreadsheet was best for me. By the sixth or so day of doing this workout routine, I’d already realized that I can’t eat a snack with a blood glucose in the low 100s without shooting way up after, but I do need to eat a snack and take a full bolus for it.  Ginger’s book also taught me that exercising with a high blood sugar is harmful to your body, so I have a few days on my chart where I couldn’t get my sugar to come down and had to skip the workout. This process isn’t perfect by any means, and you can see that doing the same thing twice in a row doesn’t always result the same way.  Silly diabetes.

Why ... so ... organized???  #batman

Lastly, the workout itself should probably be mentioned. I’ve been doing Jillian Michaels’ 30-Day-Shred system and I really love it. Okay, that’s kind of a lie. I hate it less than other things.  It’s a 20-minute workout with a warm up and cool down. Thirty minutes is about all the attention span I have for a workout, so this is ideal for me. It also is very intense right from the beginning and doesn’t stop until the cool down, so I know I’m getting a good cardio workout.  I haven’t really lost any weight, but I can see what I think might be the beginning of abs and some of my workout shorts aren’t as tight anymore – which is what really matters to me.  

This whole experience hasn’t been perfect, though.  I skip weekends because my roommates are home and I’d rather die than let them see me workout in our living room. I also forgot to bring it with me when I went back to NY for a weekend, and those days of persistent high blood sugars have left me quite farther behind on the system than I’d wanted to be.  After four weeks I’ve only actually done the workout nine times. This seems like not enough, but going from not working out at all to doing it two to three times a week is an accomplishment for me.

I guess the moral of this first update is that TallyGear is great, tracking my blood sugar success is fun (nerd alert), and I’m going to try harder to commit to three to four times a week from now on.

And also that diabetes isn’t getting in my way as much as my plethora of excuses to sit on my bum. 

*   *   *

Just as a bit of non-disclosure, TallyGear, Jillian Michaels', Excel spreadsheets, and Ginger have not asked to be mentioned in these posts.  The TallyGear team sent a few things for us to try and Ginger sent us her book, but that was almost a year ago and I'm sure they think I've forgotten by now.  HA!  Haven't forgotten.  Just way, way behind.  

Thanks, Abby, for chronicling your workouts and inspiring to give the ellipmachine a go again.  


I love to see Excel make an appearance here!

We love Tallygear at our house. Great product. Great CEO behind the company.

I am going to have to get my self Tallygear. I had never heard of it before. It is just what I need to store my pump at the gym. It's hard to find exercise pants with an internal credit card pocket. And I am not to keen on fanny packs. Got to get one of these. Thanks, Christine

This inspires me to workout! I have always had the excuse not to because I worry about my blood sugars. (Plus I have a short attention span for exercising as well). Maybe I can give this a go... just need to find the motivation to start I suppose. Thanks for the update!

I should keep a spreadsheet and re-read Ginger's book. And while I'm not happy that you had those crazy highs, I'm glad i'm not the only one that sometimes starts hitting the 300's for what seems like no reason.

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