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Snaphots: Coffee in Toronto.

And thankfully, I wasn't beaten up too soundly for ordering an iced coffee while in Canada in late November.  :)

This weekend, I'm in Toronto, ON for the Annual Type 1 Diabetes Update (after a lovely invite from the team at Animas Canada), and after the event, I met up with some local Canadian PWD for caffeine.   Nothing like a pile of pumpers cranking in the coffee.  Thank you so much to Larry, Jamie, Virtue, and Ilana for coming to hang out!


Welcome to Canada! Remember to use "eh" frequently during your stay, and have fun! :]

Kerri -
FANTASTICAL. GROUP. OF. PWDS. I've met everyone in that photo, yourself included - And it just doesn't get any better than that!
FYI: Go buy some Smarties, the Canadian version of M & Ms, they're SO GOOD.

It was lovely to meet you (after almost completely failing to do so)! I hope you had as good a time as I did; so much fun. :)

It was wonderful meeting you Kerri, and meeting up with the rest of the Canadian contingent - at least the ones who could make it this time... and as per your Alt Text - we are always welcoming to our friends from the US, who might not know any better than to have iced coffee in late November. At least our huge D-bags/purses shielded you from freezing any further from the A/C that was cranked on!

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