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World Diabetes Day Postcard Exchange: Romania!

My postcard for the World Diabetes Day Postcard Exchange came in this week, and I love it.  It's from my new friend Corina in Romania:

My WDD Postcard from Corina - it's awesome and Birdy keeps trying to kiss it. 

I think she has very lovely handwriting.  :) 

To see more of the airmail artwork (because this was truly a global art initiative), visit the World Diabetes Day Postcard Exchange page on Facebook.   


Oh Kerri, that's awesome. Sadly I never got one so I am enjoying them all on the postcard exchange site.

So glad it got there safe & sound and that I got the chance to participate in this amazing project. I'm also very happy and honored that Birdy loves it :)

I am so bummed, because I worked hard and made one and sent it, but never got one. And although I sent a picture of mine to LeeAnn, she didn't put it in the album. So I'll remember your hug at Diabetes Sisters instead! :-)

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