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World Diabetes Postcard Exchange: SUM Edition.

We came.  We saw.  We colored and then mailed stuff for The World Diabetes Day Postcard Exchange

Kerri's is off to Romania!

My postcard!

Abby's is en route to Atlanta. 

And Abby's postcard.

The DOC is ripe with art these days - it's a good time to invest in washable crayons.  :)

Oh thank goodness for washable crayons.

Oh Birdy.  You are a wily one.


OMGooses, that little girl is too flipping adorable!

Whatcha doin?


Give me a blank canvas and I will be an artist! :)

You weren't kidding about the crayon drawings everywhere! :) I love the postcards!

Just in case soap & water doesn't do it, toothpaste (white preferably) should get that off the toy box! She's beyond adorable!! (Good thing, huh?) ;-)

She is so cute!
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser also works well on crayon!

Ohmygoodness! It just hit me why I love looking at pictures of Birdy so much. She looks a LOT like my niece at that age. No wonder she never fails to make me smile. Well that and she's just freaking adorable. And so sweet she makes my BG go up. :P

That is a might cute kid you got there!

love it all!

I have a picture of my godson, who got into his mother's mascara during naptime. He proceeded to paint his eyes (smart boy), then his face...and the the wall and bed. :) It's the cutest picture!

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