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From Abby: Employed!

I could NOT be happier for Abby, who has just scored her dream job.  Congrats, Abby!!!!!

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To do list:  CONGRATULATE ABBY!!!  :DAttention world, I have just landed my dream job. And I'm SO FREAKING PUMPED!

I want to be that nurse kids remember as the one who taught them how to give injections and teenagers remember teaching them how to be secure in their disease while dealing with the tragedies that are the teen years. I want to be the nurse that adults remember for teaching them about how to cut a hole in their tape to keep that sensor on a few more days.

I applied to nursing school because of diabetes; because I have diabetes, and because you have diabetes, and I want to help.

Folks, I have just been given the opportunity to do all of the above.  This job is entry level, I'll be refilling a lot of prescriptions and answering patients phone messages and giving the occasional injection, but it's a start - and all of my hours there will count toward being able to take the exam to become a CDE (not to mention that everyone I met in the office during my interview is SO incredibly nice and helpful and just overall amazing).

For those reasons, this job is perfect. And I owe a lot of this to you out there. The DOC has given me the courage to go after what I really want, no matter how difficult the process. You've given me the strength to apply to that out of state job even though I still have nine months left on my lease here in Boston. Most importantly, you've all given me the purpose to go out there and be a positive and helpful nurse even to patients with the most ridiculous problems, because everyone needs help sometimes.

So celebrate with me please, because I'm am super, duper happy today :)

(Special shout out to Sara for helping me not freak out about my interview and answering my silly email questions. You are so fantastic :) And to Kerri for dealing with a completely scatterbrained assistant during my job hunt, which defeats the purpose of an assistant, but please don't tell her that ;) )

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Abby, you should be happy today.  Congratulations - and we're all so, so proud of you!!  You will change the face of diabetes, one patient at a time.


Abby I have no doubt in my mind that no matter how "entry level" this position is, you will immediately make a difference in lives. Some little girl or boy is going to look at you and say "Wow! She's a smart grown up with diabetes!" Some mom is going to meet you and think "My child WILL grow up and be successful." You walk the walk and it's going to be ah-may-zing. PS Burlington is a fantastic city. So happy for you.

Yaaaaay, Abby!! Super congrats!!! It is awesome knowing you will be there to help guide other diabetics through this wonky world of the disease we have. You ROCK!!!!

Although you may be helping folks one at a time, you will help each one more deeply and more meaningfully than ever.

Abby, you are about to embark to the "front lines" of the war on diabetes. It takes bravery, heart and compassion to be able to jump into the fray. Thank you for your commitment to do work that matters.

Abby, you are amazing, and now all of Vermont gets to find that out, too!



congrats, abby! we have one of those --totally awesome, couldn't live without -- nurses for my son, and i'm thrilled that you will be able to do that for other people too :) happy, happy day!

CONGRATULATIONS, Abby!!! You definitely WILL be the nurse everyone remembers! (exactly what Moira said!!) All the best, girl!

Conga rats to you.

Yes that is a link to congaing rats. What else would it be?

Wow, a special shout out, thanks! :D

I am really glad I could do a little bit to help!

Congratulations, Abby! Good luck in your new job!

That's awesome! Congrats! It's so great that you want to help others with diabetes :)

Well done girl! I'm a student nurse myself and believe me you will be thrown in the deep end. I give many, many injections and other medications, yes I am even allowed to sign for them! Currently I am in my first year and first placement. This is in acute general medicine. I've seen much. We get a lot of diabetes here. Mainly type two but still the odd DKA. I'm an adult nurse. How things work over the states as far as choosing your field goes I have no knowledge. Rest assured you will be able to get where you want to be, we all have to start somewhere. It'll be a testing few years whilst you train believe me. They will also be some of the best years of your life as a nurse. Best of luck!


I agree with EVERYONE! Congrats Abby. You'll be freaking awesome.

Congrats Abby! Go shine on your dream job! I wish we had a dream nurse like you in our life!!

Yay Abby!!!! So excited for you! I hope the new job is all you've dreamed. :)

Congrats Abby!!! Good luck, I'm sure you will do great

I love when awesome things happen to awesome people. Yay Abby!!!!

This is exactly what I want to do, I'm sure you'll make a great nurse! I always love it when you post on kerri's blog!

That is such wonderful news!

Congratulations! Those kids are going to be so lucky! :D


Way to go, ABBY!

I remember landing my dream job just out of nursing school -- internship to the ER. It was amazing, and remains one of the best times of my life.

CONGRATS and CHEERS on the exciting road ahead :)

Awesome! You will make a difference on the job because you ALREADY MAKE A DIFFERENCE in what you do now!! I just wish you were coming to Oklahoma! Good luck and we are so proud of you!

So many congrats your way, Abby!!! Awesomeness on the new dream job, indeed.

Congratulations Abby! Your future patients are so lucky. All the best to you.

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you! Learn a lot and never forget why you went into nursing in the first place. I have type 1 also. I'm pursing a brand new second career as a pediatric NP, hoping to specialize in diabetes. I'm just at the beginning of my journey, but can't wait for the day I can announce that I've landed my dream job!

Congrats, Abby! I'm so happy for you!

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