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Morning Mugging.

The coffee cup that was front and center this morning was this one from the Behavioral Diabetes Institute:

Well-managed diabetes is the leading cause ...
News flash:  Well-managed diabetes is the leading cause of ...


The last few weeks have been better.  I'm a fan of "better." And I also appreciate coffee mugs that seem to know what I'm thinking, like that one.  Or ... like this one.


That is awesome!

hahah this is awesome!

They have to make those available for purchase! I want to drink my coffee and read that everyday or more importantly... let my friends & coworkers read it!

What does well managed mean?
I've seen that slogan before and I don't like it. I don't think it is possible for me to get to normal blood sugars, and therefore to avoid complications.
Retinopathy and neuropathy (not to mention severe hypoglycemia or complications of injections such as lipodystrophy) occur in a high enough percentage of those diabetics doing everything they can do that I don't think it's fair to say that all complications are avoidable.

Hey Jonah - I seriously know where you're coming from. I heard someone misspeak this "saying" at a conference a few years ago and I went berserk:


But the actual quote from the BDI doesn't say that well-managed diabetes (and that, in my eyes, is a super loose and very individual definition) will ward-off complications. I think it means that well-managed diabetes isn't ever cited as being problematic.

I agree completely with you that complications aren't avoidable, and shouldn't ever be billed as avoidable. But I do like the sentiment that keeping my diabetes "controlled" doesn't do anything but "help," you know?

Where can I find that coffe mug?! I would love one!

Love the mug.

I understand what the mug is trying to say, but to reword what you said in the 5 letter word column, we ARE caught in a vise. If and when the tools become available that we can keep absolutely normal BGs all the time, even if we have to be self disciplined and continue to work at it, then I will agree with the mug. But at the moment, there is at least as much luck involved in avoiding complications as hard work. Of course, I would prefer a cure, but in the meantime, the tools to actually have well-managed diabetes are a high priority to me.

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