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Small Victories.

I need to celebrate the small stuff, instead of sweating it.  Also, laughter is the best medicine. And humor is in uniform. TAKE THAT, READER'S DIGEST!!!After a hellish A1C and a little bit of emotional purging yesterday (thank you guys so much for all of your support and encouragement), I need to take my small victories, diabetes and otherwise, into account.  So here we go:

  • Since having my A1C drawn, I have been significantly more attentive about testing my blood sugar.  For the last three weeks, I've been making myself STOP what I'm doing, even if it seems SO IMPORTANT and slowing down for the 30 seconds it takes to test my blood sugar.  During the course of any given day, I'm all over the place, schedule-wise, so it sort of feels good to force myself to breath and pay diabetes a smidge of attention.
  • In conjunction with testing, I'm also making a conscious effort to react to the numbers, even if I feel distracted.  If I'm over 140 mg/dL, I'm correcting that number and using the bolus calculator on my pump.  If I'm low, I'm rejecting the desire to tidy up and instead I'll hit the grape juice bottle for a quick swig.  Small victories.
  • I bought pants that didn't need to be hemmed.  (Not diabetes-related, but for this 5' 3 3/4" girl, that is quite a victory.  #short)
  • Siah, due to her incessant padding around on the bed while we sleep, has been banished to the living room at night (read: we shut our door).  Even though she spent the first few nights yowling at the door, she's now quieted down and spends her evenings plotting revenge from the couch.  Sleeping more soundly is a victory.
  • Also in the last three weeks, I've been back to my routine at the gym. It's another thing to carve out time for, but I know it's important and ... blah blah ... it sort of feels good okay don't tell anyone I said that run on sentence.
  • When I went to get the Bird out of her crib this morning, she greeted me with a very sunny, "Oh hi, Mommy!"  I love that she is happy every morning, and that she greets me as though she's surprised to see me.  "Oh hey, thanks for stopping by, Mommy!  Would you like some biscuits?"
  • The buttons on my coffee maker, despite being caked with baking flour, still work and the coffee maker still brews up some delicious coffee yums.  Not bad for a $10 Mr. Coffee from Target.  (And you have also worn coffee filters as a hat at one time or another, right?  Just me?)
  • I remembered to order holiday cards, and I can't wait for them to arrive.  This is kind of a #bigvictory because I'm so scatterbrained lately that I'm lucky I remember to put my pump on.  So I'm celebrating this one in my head with a happy dance.
  • I'm on the hunt for movies and music to entertain myself with on the epically long flight to Dubai next week.  If you have any recommendations, I'd love to hear them.  And this counts as a victory because I'm remembering to ask this now, instead of Tuesday morning from the airport in the wee hours.
  • I haven't sworn yet today.  At all.  This is also a big victory.
  • Oh shit, I said "hell" up there in the first paragraph.
  • Argggggh ... see above bullet point.
  • Please negate the bullet point that's three up from this one.
  • And I'm feeling much, much better after yesterday.  You guys really know how to make a girl feel empowered, and less like crap.  So thank you very, very much for being a part of what is making me feel victorious today.
What small victories are you celebrating?

(Blog post title nod to Ms. Amanda Dolan - she knows why, and she also knows the tune. #smallvictories)


Little victories win wars ~

Under movies.... I hear that movie Buried is good but really, really creepy..... ;-)

All kidding aside, Thor and the new X-Men were good fun. And Scott Pilgrim is another in that genre.


There is always a reason to watch "Love Actually" one more time, IMHO. And it's good to hear you're feeling better today. Small moves :-)

1. You are not the only one to wear a paper coffee filter as a hat. Side note--they make excellent popcorn bowls in a pinch.

2. Movies: White Christmas (Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney & Bing Crosby!). Duets (Andre Braugher can sing. So can Gwenneth Paltrow. Huey Lewis still can't act.) . Sex & the City 2 (just so you can compare & contrast the movie to real life). Any movie that typically puts you to sleep. NO CHILDREN'S MOVIES ALLOWED.

Thanks for cheering me up. I was just driving home to my house thinking . . . gosh it isn't often I can use the world "glum" to describe myself but right now that's it, glum. This is the first thing I read (even though I should be busy hitting "Send" on three stories and their artwork . . not as simple as it sounds). I'm going to try to talk stock in some good too -- great idea.

As for movies, here are some old classics that are just fun to watch:

*Drop Dead Gorgeous
*Saved (staring Mandy Moore believe it or not . . love it)
*What About Bob. I could watch it every day. It's like Elf for psych issues . . .
*His Girl Friday -- best movie about news reporting EVER made

Off to find the good and shake off the glum. Doesn't help that something smells . . . weird . . . in the fridge.

I think you'd like the Matt Nathanson song "Little Victories." Congrats on all of yours!

Two movies I can watch over and over again are Gone with the Wind and The Godfather. It helps that they're both long too (especially GWTW). :)

yay for small victories!!!!! and omg I'm 5'3 3/4, too and also just found pants of the perfect length, totally made my day!

Loved reading this! I am grateful for coffee and Target and Target coffee, too! I love my family and friends, and drinking coffee with them. Your small victories add up to a lot! You have motivated me to hit the gym, because my cardio is a lackin'!

You always make me laugh. Thank you! :)

I recommend the movie "Oscar." It has Sylvester Stallone, but it is not your typical Sly Stallone movie. At all. Light hearted and witty.

I don't have any movie suggestions, but I can tell you what NOT to bring. Smart a$$ me brought Amelia the first time I traveled with the Genius family. I like flying and it freaked me out.
Other than that, yay small victories!!

for movies, "so i married an axe murderer" (mike myers in his pre-austin powers/shrek days) and "the princess bride." and for sheer weirdness, "dune."

OMG this is so funny... I was in tears! Just remember when you're feeling bad about being 5' 3 3/4" you've got nearly 4" on me!

Suggestion re: things for long plane ride...
What about downloading some of the great BBC series?
Hamish MacBeth
Monarch of the Glen
Pride & Prejudice (more of a miniseries)
Bleak House (miniseries)
As Time Goes By
Doc Martin

Divine secrets of the ya-ya sisters..or something like that. Awesome movie!

As far as d-victories...you got this

I had to laugh when you mentioned forgetting to put your pump on. The weekend that Simon came to KC, I was meeting everyone after being released from the hospital. I ran home, showered, packed a bag and we hopped in the car to race to the restaurant. Once we arrived, a guest of Jess asked if I wore a pump like the others. I reached to my waistband to show her and . . . OMG! I don't have my pump on! Luckily, Kim had an insulin pen on her and I borrowed it to get me through dinner. Whew!
I'm still getting teased about that.
So, apparently, what I'm trying to say is. .you're SO not alone!

Does "hell" count as a swear? After the frekaing week I had, the idea of the biblical hell sounds like vacation in comparison... and apparently, unlike my office, they have heat there.

Working the comedy angle...Bridesmaids was very funny, and if your a Russell Brand fan, Get him to the Greek will make you belly laugh!

In my opinion "hell" is different than "hellish", so you were good...

But I can't explain away the "sh*t"...sorry.

Ok, I have to ask... WHAT KIND OF PANTS ARE THESE????
I'm 5'4" and always have pants issues... the regular are too long and the short are too short... I'm in that awkward no-man's-land of pants lengths...

Zoe, my ten year old, is taller than you. I have a feeling she's going to be taller than all of us over here soon. She's almost 5'5.

I can't wait to hear about Dubai!

Say what? Pants without hemming?! Where can I find them? I'm glad you're feeling better.

You are the best. thanks for sharing. I can't wait for my 10 year old to have a bit of caring about diabetes. Gives me hope.

Hey, you described your A1c as "hellish" which does not count as swearing (because you used the word as an adjective).
I understand your pants victory because I'm 5'2".
Fav movie that makes me laugh is Cary Grant in "Arsenic and Old Lace".
Small victories? I ignored the potatoes and the french toast at the breakfast bar this morning. Erm, my upcoming A1c is going to be hellish also.

Great self organizing tips. Thanks! Maybe you should make a "Heloise for PWD's" place on your site where people could post handy solutions to D issues.

Movie I loved, quirky, darkly funny and a love story, sort of? Wins my best ending ever award. Stars the kid from Almost Famous... Called "Wristcutters: A Love Story" -I promise it isn't a horror movie, though all the previews on the disk are.

Safe travels!

Kerri you're fab especially the swearing bullet points. Watched the family stone last night, love love love this film! So christmassy and funny and teary. Have a great trip x

Thank You for posting this!
It has inspired me to make a list of #smallvistories for myself. I am struggling with my diabetes, I've been Type 1 since I was 8 and now I'm 24 and I'm still not taking care of myself. I WANT to and I do try but I am not trying hard enough, there is something blocking me from giving myself the care I deserve, but I'll get there, I'm determined!

You effin rock. Period.

Small victory? I decided screw D, and the kids ate chips outta the bag, no weighing, no counting chips, just watched them indulge, swagged and corrected.

It was a beautiful moment.

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil.

the guy who played Wash on Firefly plays a hick in the typical "college students on a camping trip terorrized by local hicks" but told from the hicks' point of view. (spoiler: they weren't terrorizing the kiddies)

It really is all about the small victories! So happy for you!!

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