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Vlog: Traveling with Diabetes.

Sometimes the iMovie little function things are too good to pass up, like the effect that lets you track travel as if you're Indiana Jones.  Which is what prompted me to do my last Animas vlog for 2011 on diabetes and travel.  (The last few months have been a little travel-heavy, which I'm glad is over for a few weeks, and I'm looking forward to being a complete homebody while Bird-watching.)


Hi Kerri,

Great advice, I hear you loud and clear.

I've had a few travel "adventures" and all of them could have been avoided with a little planning on my end.

Thanks for sharing!


Yay cockroaches and coffee!

Love this. :)

I'm quick to boast about my carry on skills. I once traveled to Phoenix, AZ for a work trip (i.e. nice clothes and heels) for a week in a carry on. The trick for me is to get some plastic "air out" bags that shrink your clothes down to the size of a sheet of paper. I'm just too paranoid about the airline losing my stuff that I would much rather shuffle it through the airport myself.

And I also agree on the doubling diabetes stuff. My rule of thumb is to plan for what I'll need and double it. I went out of town on my first month on the pump, and I didn't bring an extra reservoir set when my pump had a faulty delivery message. Like you said, it's nice not to need it but it's a frantic situation if you do.

My meter once died on me on Day One of a 5-day cruise and I'm glad I brought a backup. You are so right about being prepared and bringing backup stuff. I don't know if Medtronic offers a loaner-pump like Animas does, but I've got my old one in a closet somewhere that I'll be sure to take with me (and pre-program with my rates and ratios, 'cause God knows I can't remember them!!) next time I fly.

On the issue of flying, I also suggest bringing some extra food. Because when your flight is delayed and you're circling the airport or sitting on the tarmac, and the airline is out of their crappy food, invading the Glucose Tab stash isn't always the preferred response.

What a great idea to bring an insulin pen Kerri! I don't even own one, but now I will call my doctor for a prescription for emergencies thanks to you! I mean you are so right, suppose the bottle(s) break...then what? Everyone on insulin should know this. Thanks you.

Traveling by map is much more efficient. Yet another of life's lessons that I've learned from the Muppets.

How did you get the loaner pump to fit in your carry-on? I had once 3 years ago from Animas. It came in a double box, and part of the rules were that I couldn't open the inner box unless I needed to use it! It was HUGE.

Hi Kerri, I've been to the UK, America, Spain, Morocco, and France ex Australia. Like you I basically carry double of everything, plus a long acting and a short acting insulin pen. Like you I've also worried a little about what happens if they loose my luggage, but what I do is make sure I've got enough supplies for a week in my carry on luggage, which is a backpack I keep with me at all times. I use a Medtronic Paradigm pump, and Medtronic also supplies a loan back-up pump service for when you are travelling. In France I spent a month cycle touring, staying in budget hotels & caravan parks & carrying all my supplies in panniers on the bike. Huge fun! The one thing I don't leave home without is Travel Insurance including Medical cover. Nice to know they will medivac you out of there if necessary.

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