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Channeling Jane ... Fossey?

This flu has been a barrel of monkeys.  GET IT? IT'S LITERAL THIS TIME!I ducked down and spied on her through the staircase railing, speaking quietly into my cell phone.

"She's in the living room.  Yeah, in her high chair; I pulled it in there so she could pick at her eggs and toast and hopefully drink some of her water while Elmo was on."

"Is she drinking it?"

"Not yet ... wait, wait!  She's drinking it now."  I drop my voice to a whisper. "She just took like three big sips."

(This flu bug is NOT leaving my child alone, and she had a relapse on Thursday afternoon.  Pukefest 2012: The Redux came with crying from both of us, plenty of laundry cycling through the ol' washing machine, and the request "Baby, please don't touch the vomit until mommy is done cleaning it."  Doctors have been called, appointments have been made, advice from friends and family has been collected, and the main concern is dehydration.  Oh, and sanity. 

Thing is, every time I ask her to drink something or have a Pedialyte popsicle or whatever, she refuses.  It has to be on her terms, and if I acknowledge what she's doing as "good" or "Yay!", she stops drinking and says, "No!" and cries.  So my only option, in pursuit of re-hydrating this child, is to pretend I don't see what she's doing.  She'll pick up the sippy cup and take a long pull from it, and I have to turn my eyes up to the ceiling and whistle.  Only I can't whistle properly, so I end up just looking at the ceiling and making fish faces and saying the word "whooooooot" really low and melodiously.  Terrible.)

"Awesome," Chris said through the phone.  "Where are you right now?"

"I'm in the kitchen.  I can see her through the staircase railing posts."  

"Are you spying on her?"

"Yeah.  If she sees me, she stops eating or drinking.  It's like a weird mind game thing.  I'm like Jane Goodall, watching the gorillas out there in the mist."

I can hear him shaking his head all the way from California, where he's been watching this chaos unfold for the last week.

"Please keep me posted on how she's doing.  My poor girl ..."

"Of course.  She just had two more bites of toast and ... wait, wait ... she just saw me.  Hang on," and I duck down out of her line of sight, listening to her chew and sip from across the room. 

And it's not until much later in the evening, once Birdy is in bed, the laundry is swirling, and I'm running random Google searches that I realize the gorillas in the mist were with Dian Fossey, not Jane Goodall.

I'm taking a free pass on this fact-mangling moment, seeing as how I was covered in puke at the time. 


poor birdy :( There are lots of nasty sick bugs going around at the moment it seems, I came down with one last night. I hope the little bird feels better soon x

I'm dying laughing here as I've had similar conversations with my husband over strange situations like that with our daughter.

I hope Birdy feels better soon. You too!

Just wanted to share our experience, having 3 kids go through this at one time or another. A few years ago one of ours got so dehydrated that she was admitted to hospital - within a few hours she went from 'deaths door' to a happy recovering kid again! The secret was putting her on an IV for rehydration, and some powerful anti-nausea agent to stop the vom/dia. It was nothing short of miraculous. And since then, if one of our kids has a bad bug, and is deteriorating, we head to the hospital sooner rather than later. Took some adjustment to our mindset (hospital was only ever last resort!) but has worked well for us.
All the best to you and your little one.

Poor little mite! This brings back so many memories of the little games they so quickly catch on to. You both have had a rough few days. Hope its all done soon.
Beautifully described btw - so easy to get a picture of what was happening. It made me smile. xx

So what was the movie about Jane Goodall?

Hope the baby Bird feels better soon and you get some answers this morning!

I can picture you watching your child Inspector Gadget style. Hehe!

FYI...this has run the course in my family. And I have heard from medical professionals that this is something that is going around and it's not the flu. It's more of a digestive tract bug that is highly communicable. Anyway, I got it back again 5-6 days after I had my own Pukefest 2012. Not as bad at all this time, but still there.

Someone mentioned to me that our bodies immune systems after 5 days from the original sickness begin to lessen up (because they have been so ramped up fighting off the original "bug") and sometimes you can get it back again. And this little digestive tract bug stuck around for me for several days after the whole puking thing happened just by still cramping and turning my tummy...so I'm sure it wasn't all out of my system by day 5 or so and so when my immunity weakened I got it back again. Yuck.

Good luck to you both! This thing is going around EVERYWHERE and RAMPANTLY here in Arizona...at least we aren't alone, right? =)

I wonder if she would drink for you if she thought it was your drink? I know my kids always want my things, maybe if you tell her you are sharing your special drink she would drink it? Though, guess sharing drinks wouldn't be the best thing with all the germs?

This bug is just NASTY!!!!

Poor Mommy & Birdie! And poor Daddy for not be there to take care of his two favorite girls.

FYI, Dian Fossy was gorillas & Jane Goodall was chimpanzees. Just for anyone that was curious. :D

Poor Birdy and mom... hope you feel better soon!

This is so funny for me!
Would you believe that's what I'm like when someone tells me my sugar is low. And tries to force glucose on me. I'm 32!
I think its from a childhood of being forcefed mini marsbars and creating a 'scene' in front of schoolfriends.
My best friend always gets something for herself if she thinks I'm low as she knows ill go along with it if I think everyone is eating.
Weird I know - but can't control the hypo logic!

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