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Day Off.

Today, I'm spending my birthday with my best friend, recovering from our collective "Birdy flu."

Were you expecting a Larry Bird themed post?  Tune in tomorrow.  ;)

Two nerdy birdies, hanging out and getting better.


Happy Day!!!

Happy "Bird Day!"


Happy Birthday!!! I hope you are both on the mend and having a great day :)

What a cute picture! I hope you both feel better soon.

happy happy happy birthday! :)

Happy happy bird-day to you!

Magical picture, thanks. Hope you both feel all better soon.

Happy Birthday to you! (The only way you two look sick in that photo is maybe by some urban dictionary standard!!)

Hope you are able to enjoy in spite of the birdy-flu :)

Happy Happy Birthday Kerri!!!

Happy Birthday! You are both so beautiful! :-) I can't believe how big/grown up "Bird" is getting!!!!

Happy Birthday!

she is beautiful. You must love that she has Chris' eyes!

Happy Birthday! Birdy is so beautiful. Can't wait to have you in Austin for Type 1 Now!!!!!!!Im giddy about it. Sorry my nerd just snuck out. Hope your day was filled with love and laughter. Hope you found beauty in all you saw and joy in all you did. Hope your mind was free of clutter and your heart filled with happiness. Hope you fall asleep smiling and wake up refreshed.

happy birthday! glad you and the birdie are feeling better :)

Birdie looks SO grown up in this pic!! Hope you are both (I was going to say normal, but umm... it didn't seem to fit here very well - but don't worry, my aunt always said normal people are boring and you are definitely not boring... *hoping this didn't all come out weird and awkward since it's 4am and I've been awake for 24 hours now and I still have 3 hours of my shift left... sigh*) back in action soon!

Happy Birthday Kerry, You and your daughter are beautiful. I hope you enjoyed ur day, Sorry I am a little late

Happy birthday Kerri! Glad you both are feeling better!

such a great pic! have a good birthday!

Such a great picture!

Belated Happy Birthday, Kerri!

Sucks that you were sick for it, tho'. Hope you're both on the mend now. :)

Oh, you are both absolutely adorable! What dolls! Happy B-day, regardless of the circumstances;)

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