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Dexcom, Revisited.

My Dexcom had a day or two of throwing triple question marks.  And then it spluttered.  And died, offering up the CGM-version of the "blue screen of death."  That error stayed stuck on the screen no matter what buttons I pressed or how often i swore under my breath.

After emailing the team at Dexcom and speaking with my representative there, I was waiting (sort of) patiently for the Dexcom to arrive.  I don't often go more than a few hours between sensors swaps, so being without the Dex for 48 hours felt creepy. 

And it was a long two days.  I didn't realize how integral the Dexcom routine was to my schedule before the thing busted.  Even though the receiver was dead, I still found myself bringing it everywhere.  I still brought the receiver to the gym with me.  I kept clicking on the screen and remembering "Oh, the error.  Shit."  And it still ended up on the bedside table, even though it wasn't technically working.  I also did that strange "take your pants off carefully to avoid scraping the Dexcom sensor from your thigh" thing, even though the sensor wasn't actually on.  (I felt like a diabetes mime.)

The most mental adjustment was the "before bed" routine.  Normally, I do the bedtime bit (wash face, brush teeth, put the horrible, old-lady Muro 128 in my eyeball thanks to the Bird talons) and then snuggle into bed.  But the very, very last thing I do before bed is test my blood sugar, and then check the Dexcom graph.  Mentally, I need (want?) that security of knowing where I'm at before I embark on eight (HA!) six hours of sleep.  Seeing a blood sugar snapshot on my meter is one thing ("Okay, I'm 143 mg/dL.") but seeing where that number came from and where it's going is another.  ("Okay, so the Dexcom says I was 212 mg/dL before but now I'm 143 mg/dL with double-down arrows, so I might grab a swig of juice before going to bed.")  

So when the new Dexcom system arrived yesterday morning, I couldn't wait to slap this Bad Larry on.  I felt like I was flying blind for a few days, and I wanted the new sensor queued up as soon as possible.  I was almost as excited to see that FedEx box as a certain BirdFace was:

Bird in the Box!

It's strange, what becomes part of the routine.  Strange to tote that little egg-shaped receiver around with me everywhere.  Strange to miss the sensor stuck to my body.  But on Sunday morning, when I woke up with a blood sugar of 42 mg/dL without any symptoms of the low, missing the CGM didn't seem strange at all. 

Reunited with the Bad Larry.  (Different from the Awesome Birthday Larry from a certain awesome editorial assistant.)  I'm happy to be back to the routine. 

[Dexcom disclosure]  


diabetes mime. you crack me up.

Every picture of that birdy makes me smile. Thanks for sharing! Glad you got your Dexcom.

Oh, how I miss my CGM!! Even though I've been without for over a month now, I still haven't quite broken my associated habits. And I find myself wishing for it back multiple times a day....

Glad you two have been reunited!

I'm getting a new Dex soon, my last one was crazy inaccurate and I now qualify for all new stuff! Yippee?? I'm not sure how I feel about it. I'm trying to look forward to it, but a little hesitant for fear of things going wrong again. This post reminded me again why I might want to try it again.
Hope your new one is accurate!!

Cats and Kids..... LOVE boxes! Sweet pix!

Good to hear you're up and running now, Kerri! It's kind of like your sookie blanket. You need that extra security!

I can't believe how much I've come to rely on it. I had an hour long meeting once when I happened to be without it, and I couldn't focus. All I could think about was, "I feel adrenaline, am I high, or am I low?" I HAVE NO CLUE AND I'M GOING TO DIE. That's what was going through my head.

Bringing your broken Dexcom with you makes sense. I think it's like when the power is out and you flick on the lights anyway. One part of your brain knows the lights don't work, but the everyday normal life part is still doing its thing. Glad to hear your new Dexcom is up and running.

It's like the Internet. We can't believe how anyone ever lived without it. (Did I really used to scroll through microfilm?!?) I thought maybe this Dexcom-reliant feeling came more from the d-moms; I guess you adults need your reassurances, too!

I've been having issues with my transmitter (which now appear to be resolved) and I'm about to go crazy. And I've only been CGMless since 10am this morning.

It truly is amazing technology, and I'm so grateful to have it. But it is ridiculous to think about how dependent I've become. With good reason, but still...

Glad you got the Dexcom back!

Random tidbit.. I love the outfit she has on! I bought it for a friend mine's daughter! Too cute!

Glad you got a new Dex, Kerri. And that photo is adorable.

This post came to mind this morning when my 8 year old daughter crushed the screen on her Dex when she was playing with her brother - just being a kid. They were both quite upset about it but it is just part of life. Call is into Dexcom support to see what it is going to cost to get it replaced. Back to the OneTouch meter for a few days.

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