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From Abby: A Fogged-Up Insulin Pump.

While I was dealing with Dexcom errors, Abby has been dealing with some pump errors.  Namely, "the whiteness."  Has this ever happened to you?

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It seems like once you think "Oh, that'll never happen to me," someone somewhere in the world hears you and then makes sure that it does happen to you, very shortly after.

Or at least that's what keeps happening to me.

Yesterday at work, I was filling a script for a patient who was going on a vacation and wanted back-up Lantus in case her pump died. Totally a legitimate reason. I do this all the time. But this particular time I got to thinking "Hmph, i've never had backup Lantus, because my pump never dies."

And that mysterious force heard me. Less than 48 hours later, my pump crapped out.

I got home from the gym and checked my blood glucose in preparation for dinner. It was 44 mg/dL (shocking - I was low after the gym). I was also 42 mg/dL about three hours earlier (my sensor is about nine days old, so it's definitely time for a new one if it's not catching these lows). After I treated the current low and ate dinner (and bolused for it), I looked at my pump about to check how much insulin I had taken all day, in hopes of finding the culprit for these lows. But I didn't get that far, because I saw on the screen this white substance all around the edge of the inside. Kind of like when a mirror fogs up - that weird, foggy whiteness.

poor borken pumpy :(
The weird, white screen on Abby's pump

Me, being the faithful "call-Medtronic-about-everything" customer that I am, I called. The woman on the phone was INCREDIBLY nice and we arranged for a new pump to be shipped to me the next day. Such a simple process. It's frustrating though, because I have this awesome pump sticker that I'm not sure will transfer to my new pump. And also that I have to use my zebra pump until it gets here is disconcerting since it doesn't have the same accurate basal rates as my Revel. (And I don't like Lantus - my body requires such variable basal rates that Lantus really doesn't work for me... I also don't have any).

This pump is only nine months old. It shouldn't be giving me problems. I have no idea what happened, other than this is the first time I went to the gym without my TallyGear (I forgot it) but I'm pretty sure being clipped inside my yoga pants shouldn't have caused this (I am NOT that sweaty I swear).

Some things are just a mystery. Hopefully new pumpy will last me the duration of my warranty.

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When you're wearing medical devices 24/7, the wear and tear on them is tremendous.  And weird.  (Like the time I dropped my pump into the toilet.  Fun moment.)  What's the strangest thing that's ever happened to your stuff?


This has happened to me a few times too! Somehow water got into the pump.

To be honest, I beat up my pump (unintentionally). I've never had one last for more than a year, so I'm thankful for warranties.

The worst pump failure - I ate a bagel on my walk to a plane, get settled in my seat on said plane, went to bolus, and the pump button was broken. 50 carbs in me, and no insulin was coming.
They ended up asking me to get off the plane before take off :(

Not a malfunction, just a really awkward T ride:
This morning on the T, I used my Ping remote to correct for a sneaky "I didn't eat breakfast, why is my BG so high" moment, even though I knew my reservoir was low-ish.
Unfortunately, today was one of those days where the only place I could stash my pump was in my bra, so after my boobs finished angrily vibrating to let me know my bolus was being delivered, they started playing Fur Elise to let me know I had less than 10 units left.
Without thinking, I reached down my shirt to pull out the pump and hit "Confirm." It didn't even occur to my morning-fog brain to be completely mortified until I noticed the guy sitting across from me staring with a totally perplexed look. I was just about to start babbling about diabetes and pumps and how I totally wasn't a pervert when he said "You get signal down here?"

PS- We miss you in Boston!

my best guess is that there is a small hairline crack somewhere that allowed moisture to get inside. Sweat. even just a little. Happens.

fwiw, we're on our same MM from May 2010 and during the same span on our cozmo we'd have gone through 4 by now. So, I wouldn't even sweat (haha, no pun intended) that you only got 9 months out of it. They are electronics. That we can carry them around 24/7 and they don't break more often is remarkable to me.

Abby, if you tell Medtronic that your broken pump has a skin on it they will send you a gift card to get a new one for free. Good luck with the new pump!

(When my super awesome Joslin nurse was still around) I talked to her about how I have a backup Rx for Lantus but how my body NEVER enjoys it and she told me that it can take a body 3-4 days or more to get used to Lantus. As someone who never used Lantus as a main insulin, it made me feel a whole lot better. Maybe your body is the same way?

Also, I hope that once your pump gets here, you can make it pretty again, because that is what's most important ;)

I've been hearing more and more about these hairline cracks causing this type of thing - which I've never experienced (but probably will now, since I've challenged "the force"). Anyhow, good luck on getting new pumpy and hopefully the sticker transfers or you can snag a new one!

My Veo (UK equivalent of the Revel) packed in after eleven months. Some insulin leaked into the reservoir chamber and shafted the electronics. Very good service from Medtronic I find.

I wore my MM non waterproof pump into a salt water pool while on a cruise. When I got out and felt that I still had it on my heart sank. I did have a loaner for travel. Found out that my pump was still water tight and I didn't need it.

My 10 year old daughter's pump failed last Friday, the day before we were going skiing for the weekend. Medtronic (via UPS) could get a new pump to New York the following day but it would take until Monday to get to Vermont where we were going to be for the weekend. Luckily we borrowed a pump; otherwise we would have had to guesstimate with shots for two days!

Was the pump exposed to really hot temperatures? My daughter will sometimes play on the laptop and pump the computer on her pump. When she does the screen is crazy looking. Though usually after a while it does go back to normal. I would tell MM about the pump sticker, I am sure they would give you a code for a new one. Our area rep has given us several free codes, and if they don't it doesn't hurt to ask right?

Good luck with the new pump.

you know...I haven't had a pump last the length of a warranty since the early days of minimed. As they get 'smarter', they seem to be more fragile! I just had my Ping replaced after the button tore off. Guess I bolus too much :)

is it like the force in star wars??? lol=)

My worst pump fail (atleast the funniest) was when I dropped my pump in the toilet at school, a teacher was in the stall next to me and heard me scream "Oh krap, oh crap, oh krap" soooo akward cause she asked me if i was ok while we were both still in stalls.... I was like ummmmm yeah.... I'm fine?

Hi Kerri,

Just had a pump take a dump. One night of "No Prime-No Delivery". Called Animas 3 days ago, explained what was going on. So, F.R.E.D. 2, is now F.R.E.D. 3. F.R.E.D. stands for Frigging Ridiculous Electronic Device. Broadcast engineer humor. That Ping is green.

I was looking through some sites and found yours I'm employed with medtronic and saw that you may not have had your skin replaced, if not when you have time to call we well be more than happy to get that taken care of for you.

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