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Little Fevers.

Sick kittenGrown-ups can handle being sick, for the most part.  (Unless you have a cold, and you're a guy.)  But outside of those perimeters, I'm able to handle a nasty cold or even a bout with the flu.

But I'm not good with my kid being sick.  Not good at all.

It's not that I overreact and lose my cool.  Over the weekend, when Birdy woke up from a sound sleep and covered everything in her crib with vomit, my husband and I handled it with as much grace as we could manage.  She'd never been sick in that way before (kid had her first "legit cold" last week; we've been luck that she's been very healthy for the last twenty months), so the learning curve for all of us was steep.  Chris and I had to figure out how to unearth her from beneath all the gross, puke-covered clothes without getting ourselves completely covered, and Birdy had to try and wrap her head around the fact that breakfast and lunch were heading out the way they came in.  (Also, "puke" is a horrible word.  It's onomatopoeia at its nastiest.)  And after several hours, when it became clear that our little Bird wasn't able to keep anything in her system and we were nervous about dehydration, we shuffled off to the doctor.

After a long night and hours of observation, the vomiting stopped.  This weekend, Birdy spent the day lounging around on the couch, watching the same episode of Sesame Street over and over again, and alternating between sleeping snuggled with her "bim" (her name for her special blanket) and her "mama" (her not-as-special-but-still-warms-my-heart-when-I-hear-it name for me). 

And then I caught her illness.  It's been fun (lies), and we've learned the following:

  • The washing machine and the dryer are capable of running for 24 hours straight, without a break.  Even through the night, and without waking the sleeping baby.  Nice job, Samsung.
  • That small children are capable of expelling mass amounts of blech in a matter of seconds.
  • There isn't a diaper in existence that can properly contain toddler diarrhea.  I know that's graphic and gross to read, but let's keep in mind that cleaning up after this statement is worse than reading it.  So cut me some slack, and see aforementioned bullet point about loving my washer/dryer. 
  • Pedialyte that claims to be "flavorless" is lying.  Somehow, Birdy knows the difference between a sippy cup of Pedialyte and a sippy cup of water.  She would never lose at a Pepsi Challenge.
  • Seeing my normally happy and energetic toddler reduced to a small, sad lump on the couch breaks my heart in ways I wasn't prepared for. 
  • There are doctors and nurses who show such unflagging amounts of compassion and intelligence, even as they examine a distressed (read: sobbing and puking) child at 2 am.  Those medical professionals are wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.
  • That even though I test my blood sugar several times a day, I couldn't watch while they tested my daughter's heel.  (Her result was fine, but those five seconds were the longest in history.)
  • I learned that snuggling a sick child may cause you to catch sick child's sickness.
  • And then I learned about trying to care for a recovering little one when you're becoming sick, yourself.  Explaining to the baby, "I'll make your breakfast as soon as I finish throwing up," is a weird sentence for an almost-two year old to grasp.  
  • Family members who willingly enter the Thunderdome of Pukefest 2012 are brave and invaluable people.  I'd have been lost without my sister and mother coming to help.
  • (Which is why I hope they forgive us when they end up sick as dogs.)
  • Ketones are those things you read about, when you have diabetes, but until you have them for hours on end, you forget how much they suck.  My own illness brought about moderate ketones, and the back pain, nausea, and overall blech of ketones, stacked on top of the instigating illness, just sucks.
  • And no matter how long I've had diabetes, it's still weird to intentionally eat carbs when you're high, just to flush the ketones.  I can't wrap my head around that, entirely.
  • A 160% basal rate wasn't enough to wrangle in my blood sugars, which blows my mind.  How much insulin does an illness need to function?  
  • A diet of popsicles, tea, and Saltines is what we've both been on for the last three days, and I'm suddenly craving a cheeseburger.
  • I am really looking forward to seeing Birdy run around, yelling with happiness, and upending everything in her bedroom.  Because this quiet, sad little Bird isn't the Bird I'm used to.  Damn this illness and how it has sapped my kid of all her happies. 

Watching your kid go a few rounds with an illness sucks.  Battling that illness at the same time also sucks. 

Germs suck. 


My 11 month old daughter recently got something similar and refused to drink the pedialite. We discovered that pedialite makes popsicles. They were a LIFESAVER (and actually taste like normal popsicles). The do not come frozen (they come unfrozen in those long, clear bag-like things and you just stick them in the freezer).

Oh lordy, I remember those days. But not fondly. Especially the serial puking.

Yikes! I hope that Birdzone and Mama are back fighting fit soon!

You've managed to take me back to the days when I'd be patting my children on the back while they lean over the toilet while also trying to shut both ears with one hand. (try that sometime). There is nothing worse than watching your child be sick unless it's watching your grandchildren. I'm glad you both "survived" and hope you feel 110% soon.

HUGS being sent to you and the Birdy - BIG ONES!

Pedialyte popsicles!! Just like Otterpops! I may have just horrible dated myself with the Otterpops statement...Hope you guys are feeling better soon!

I second the Pedialyte popsicles. And the actual liquid Pedialyte is gross. Popsicles rule!

FYI, don't give your kid ginger ale. That's all I got to drink when I was little and threw up and I still can't stand the thought of the stuff!

I hope you two feel better (read: awesome) soon!

I think nausea and(or) vomiting has to be the worst thing in this world!! I would take any other illness over that in a heartbeat! Within reason of course. I hope you're both back to normal very soon. And how did Mr. Sparling manage to get spared?!

So glad you are on the mend. My 4 year old (T1) had the same thing last week, but the oddest thing with his BG's happened...instead of going high with the expected ketones, he went insanely low and we couldn't get him up for hours - we completely cut out his short acting insulin all together for a couple days and halved his long acting...we still aren't back up to the doses we were on. Darn disease. Anyway, I know the feeling of watching your child being sick, horrible. Feel better too! I really enjoy your blog by the way!

We all had the same thing in my house two weeks ago. BabyK was the worst - virus, cold and ear infection all at once. Its so hard watching your little one while they're sick. :-(
Snuggle and get better soon!

Hope you feel better soon! being sick is the pits,& caring for a sick child simultaniously makes it twice as hard, I imagine. Moms rock.(and now that I am one,I see how much they really do!)

I have a photo someplace of a sick me and two sick boys all on the opened up sofa bed. It was just easier.
Hope tomorrow is better!

oh god! haven't had one of these days for years. last time i remember being in couple of years into diagnosis and just low constantly with stuff like this! hope you and birdy are better!

Bleh. I had this dreaded bug at the beginning of Jan. My hubby and mother had to break out the emergency glucagon injection to save me. In 20 years of living with D I never used it....now that I have, I can say that my reaction to it was not as quick as I think it should have been. Glad it is on it's way out of your home!

You must be feeling a little better than yesterday, because you've posted a blog entry today. Hope Birdy's doing better as well. I know from my almost-five years of being a parent that I would do anything, ANYTHING, to stop my child from suffering. And if it put me at risk of getting sick myself, then that's a risk I'm willing to take. I think you feel the same.

Not fair! Not fair! You should not have had this experience. I am glad you're feeling better or at least cheeseburgerly.

Don't hate me for this one!!

One good thing about germs... they keep your immune system busy and away from your pancreas. More bugs, more bugs!

Gracie never had a stomach virus, ever, and hardly a cold her first couple of years. T1 at 9 years old.

It was either that, or breastfeeding for only 2 months, or the plastic bottles, or not enough walks in the sun or... :-(

I remember the first time my daughter got sick. I was scared I wouldn't be able to care for her. It takes time to learn to be a mom. It sounds like you're doing a good job caring for your baby and yourself. Be well soon.

The good news is that you're both on the mend. I'm so sorry you had to go through it, though.

I'm not a mommy, but I know everything that happens to your children, you feel it 100X.

Happy birthday! I hope you feel good enough to have a cupcake.

:( Sending you both germ-fighting happy vibes!!

I hope you are feeling better, Birdy too!

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