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Medical ID: Lauren's Hope.

I destroy medical IDs.  Casually, and without much effort, unfortunately.  I've lost them on the soccer field (as a kid).  I've put them through the dryer by accident and they've disappeared straight into Narnia.  And there are the ones that just evaporate into the ether of college (read: it ended up lost at the bar). 

I've killed even the most resilient bracelets.  Back in the day (when I was 17), I had one of the diabetes medical alert bracelets with the large-link chain and the metal plate.  That sucker was solid, but one October morning before school, I managed to catch it on the emergency brake in my car, and it snapped and the pieces flew all over the car.  (I was picking up little metal links well into summer.)

But now, I'm a slightly more responsible adult, and I'm trying to wear a medical alert bracelet as often as possible.  I do a lot of solo traveling, so having something that lets people know I have diabetes in the (hopefully never) instances when I can't speak for myself is a safety net I don't want to pass up.  And thankfully, medical alert jewelry isn't as ghastly as it was back when I was diagnosed. 

This bracelet is one I received from the team at Lauren's Hope, and it's pretty enough to wear every day, but the alert plate is big enough that I feel confident it will be noticed as a medic alert ID.  

I asked for the inscription on the back, because I have this fear of being in some kind of situation where my pump will be accidentally disconnected, and I want any kind of emergency personnel to know that I am insulin-dependent.

It's pretty.  I love it.  Birdy loves it.  ("Pretty, Mama!"  Then, "Eat?"  One track mind on that kid.)  It's functional.  And it's point is to save my life, if such a need arises. I'm hoping I can go at least a few months without breaking this one, clumsy bird that I am.

(Okay, disclosure time.  Lauren's Hope sent me this bracelet for free.  They also sent one to Abby.  They did not ask me to write about it, but I think they could safely assume that I would.  They're offering a discount code for SUM readers, if you're inclined to order anything for yourself.  My biases are disclosed, per usual.  But my opinions, also per usual, are my own.  And this disclosure, per usual, is too long.)


Thanks for saving me $6! I was already looking to get one of these after Abby's posts. Good looking and functional...I like it.

I have a Lauren's Hope ID as well - I like you can swap the beads out - I have a "fancier" set I haven't worn yet. I crammed my full name, home and MD phone #s, "T1 DIABETES: INSULIN" and my various drug allergies all onto the back.

I've always loved looking at the Lauren's Hope website, but their bracelets just don't have enough room for me. Even MedicAlert had to cut some stuff down. My friend teases that I need three bracelets to say everything, and it's true that only my necessities are on my bracelet.

But I've been dying for a nicer bracelet lately. I have one of the beaded MedicAlert bracelets (it's blue! And honestly, absolutely gorgeous), but I tend to keep that one for special occasions. Maybe I could try them again, but trying to fit "asthma, hypoglecemia, anaphylaxis to all nuts, allergy to ibuprofen" is kinda insane, really.

But thanks for the discount, Kerri! I'll try and see if I can find anything from them this time...

Woohoo- thanks for this Kerry. I'm getting one for my wife and daughter for Valentine's!

I also have one and I LOVEd it. The reason I say loved is because mine just broke. I have Epilepsy so I wear mine. I have my name on it, epilepsy and I have 3 different people's phone numbers. It had to be used once when I had a car accident, and it also had to be used another 2 times on 2 different flights I took. I don't think I would wear one if it wasn't as pretty as these are. I didn't wear one for a long time. I started wearing one when I was searching the web and found these. I wrote into Oprah (A few years ago) trying to get more people to buy them and see how beautiful they are. They last a long time. I wear mine every day, I'm a pre school teacher so it has been pulled on and it has gotten caught on things and it lasted me a good 6 years or longer. I just LOVE them.

Funny, I've worn the same tag around my neck (inside my top) for so many years I don't even remember....and I've had diabetes for 48 years! It's not pretty, but I hope if, in an emergency, a stranger needed to know I had diabetes, it would serve its purpose.
Also in Florida, "insulin dependent" is now on my drivers license. Good luck with your new bracelet Kerri.

comment by a diabetic from another diabetic: " will pass on that desert,I'm diabetic, but when you have a moment, I'll have another manhatten".

Love your bracelet! Grace has 5 different ones, all from Lauren's Hope. She's a stylish gal. I just swapped her latest to her hugs and kisses red one, for Valentine's Day. We heart LH bracelets!

I've got a Lauren's Hope bracelet, and I wear it for everything but sports [I've got some cool silicone ones for that], it just seems to nice to get all sweaty. It's actually what got me to wear a med ID after nine years.

In the 25 years of having T1 I've never had a medical alert anything! It feels like time and Yes, I am ordering one ...

... finally ...

ooo I love this one!! Gorgeous!!

I have a LH bracelet very similar to that one. I love it. I wear it all the time except in the pool because of the chlorine. I have 5 lines printed on mine with several characters. I'm really rough with mine too and it's held up great. Keep up the good work LH and Kerri! :)

I've had a few through the years, but haven't worn one in awhile. One was identical to the charm above, and another was a gold charm on a gold chain that I stopped wearing when I stopped wearing chains. think it might be time to take the step and get a new bracelet, though. Thanks for the post, Kerri.

those are beautiful! can't imagine spending $80 though. bummer.

I was wondering if you have any programs to assist someone in receiving a bracelet for a 4 year old little girl. She has Severe epilepsy. She is in need of alert bracelet but financially one can not be bought for her. Do you know how she could receive one?
Thankyou for your time
Elizabeth Furry

Thanks for putting more info out about id bracelets! My good friend is a triathlete and I actually use a "road id"...which is designed for triathletes to wear in case of an accident/emergency. They are amazing! It doesn't have a big alert sign on it but it is great for everyday wear. It looks like a regular gel bracelet (like the livestrong one) but has a metal plate with your info on it. You can take the plate off and put it on any other gel bracelet. Makes for a good id bracelet (5 lines of info) without having to feel like you are wearing a med bracelet.

I was diagnosed almost 40 years ago. I got my first MedicAlert necklace back then, and later switched to a MedicAlert bracelet. I have never NEEDED it so far, but always wear it. I do resent the fact that MedicAlert now seems to make a lot of money on those "memberships." I wonder, if you weren't "paid up" and had an emergency and someone called them, would they say they didn't know anything about you? I went with MedicAlert because they store your personal information in their database. I've also heard of emergency personnel not even looking to see if someone is wearing a MedicAlert bracelet! It's hard to know what to do.

I'm going to have to check them out as well. I've got an old-fashioned Medic Alert one as well, gold with about a thousand links, insufficiently connected to a football-shaped medallion. I've replaced the clasp a few times, as well as the links holding the medallion in place. It's a real pain. Now I need to to decide if I buy one from LH now or wait 'til this one breaks (again)...

Wait a second.

"I'm a slightly more responsible adult."


I've had one of those plastic bracelets for a looong time. I sleep, bathe, etc with it and so far it's about the only thing I'm sticking with.

Lauren's Hope has really cute stuff, though.

I hate wearing these dumb, but not so dumb bracelets. I saw someone the other day with a Diabetic tattoo and I've always thought of getting one. What do you think??

I have three bracelets from Lauren's Hope and I love them all! One is everyday, one is for outdoors stuff and the other is for dressing up. I wouldn't want to wear one if they still only had those ugly chunky chain ones!

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