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Snapshots: Dexcom Err Code: 16R0F2D93c.

Dexcom Err Code: 16R0F2D93c.

This is the Dexcom error code that cropped up just after breakfast this morning.  It won't reboot, it won't show my graphs, and it won't make eye contact.  I think it gave up.   I've emailed Dexcom and am hoping to hear back soon - already feeling oddly naked without my CGM.


I have had that happen too many times to count. Yes, it's cooked. Call the 800 # so you can be shipped a new one bright and early tomorrow. If you want the data off of it, let it die, recharge it, dump the data, and ship back to them. Good luck!

I like that error code. I quickly grew to despise the OneTouch "Error 5" and had bad dreams about it. I'd never be able to remember that complex error code enough for it to haunt me in my sleep. But if anything of yours is to fail: pump, meter, or CGM, I think this is the best of the three.

it's such a pretty blue error code.....matches the case... :)

All those letters and numbers, you wish it just said "Give up I am not going to work no matter what, call and get a new one"
Hope they are able to ship you a new one ASAP :)

CGM blue screen of death?

How long have you had your Dexcom? My husband's is 20 months old and we hold our breath every day that it continues to work. He is on Medicare and of course they will not pay for any of it. They still consider it "experimental". I can tell they the "experiment" will end in a trip to the emergency room or worse if he doesn't have it. It is a very expensive item in our budget. But, there is no way we would be without it. The warranty was just for the first year so we are way beyond that. Did you any other warming that this was happening? We would really appreciate any insight you could give us about this.

Last time I had to replace my CGM, I had to send a months worth of BG readings to prove that I had low BGs of 50 or less. I had to reach a certain quota for the insurance to approve another CGM. Don't fully understand why they keep repeating this process. Hmmmm? Christine

Oh noes! I had this one a little while back. Maybe it's catching?

I'm a longtime Dexcom user and I seem to get this error every 14 months - very shortly after it goes out of warranty. I'm suspicious that this is not a coincidence.

I have found that when I get this error I can extend the life of the receiver by rebooting it by pressing the OK and C buttons at the same time for 15 seconds or so.

The reliability of these things is horrendous!

Toast it is. Mine was 1.5 years old. So, bite the bullet and unless it was still under warranty, you or your insurance (or Dexcom) will be buying another one. Sorry.

Ouch! So sorry…

Yep, got that one when my dexcom I'd been using for 16 months finally bit the dust. Dexie uses punctuation effectively.

I got that same error code when my last Dexcom quit. Can you at least upload data from it?
I made my website link in the comment form go to the post where I took a picture of my Dexcom with the same error message.

Ummm eye contact? Funny one.

Hey, that's a good reboot trick. I got the same error code as others. Now I've got it back but I don't know for how long. I will call Dex in the AM. Thanks guitarmandave

Does DEXCOM have you send the faulty receiver back in?

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