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Valentine's Day with Diabetes: A Poem for my Panc.

Love is in the air ... and it smells like insulin.

Happy Valentine's Day!!  I'd like to dedicate this day to my endless pursuit of love from a certain organ of mine ... one who has evaded my embrace for over twenty-five years now.  Oh pancreas ... sweet little panc who looks just like a giant wiener ... this goes out to you.

Oh rotting, feeble pancreas of mine,
Won't you be my Valentine?
Won't you wake from your long sleep
And make some insulin, you creep?

What makes you sit, all shaped like a wiener,
Lazy and dull, with a pompous demeanor?
What makes it okay, that for your enjoyment
You've spent twenty plus years filing unemployment?

We need to start over; we need to be friends.
We need this whole type 1 diabetes to end.
I'm tired of shots and I'm sick of the lows,
So I think we should talk about ending this row.
I could use a break, my corn-cob-shaped friend.
I'd love to have 'old age' listed as my end.
I think that your time off has drawn to a close.
I'd like working islets, and plenty of those.

How 'bout it, old pal?  Care to start working?
Care to start minding duties you've been shirking?
I promise to be an attentive best friend,
I'll thank you each morning and as the day ends.
I won't take for granted the hormone you make
And I'll forgive you for the last 25 years' mistake.

I've brought you some flowers and a Border's gift card,
In hopes that when I bring milkshakes to the yard
You'll be so inclined to jump start all those islets
Who've been holding their breath for so long that they're violet.

So what do you say, oh pancreas of mine?
Won't you be my Valentine?


OMG! I loved this. Come on, pancreas, wake up!

You are ridiculous. In absolutely the best possible way. :)

So, this is the pancreas that looked like something else? ;-) Happy Valentine's Day!

Very sweet. If I were your pancreas, I'd be inclined to start working again. (Except for that Borders gift card part...the mega-bookstore chain shut down for good last September)

haha you bring those milkshakes to the yard!

Can I just say that I really appreciate that you said my pancreas looks like a weiner? hahahaha

It's official after battling annoying high this just gave me a bit of comic relief when it comes to this blasted disease :))

Thanks for ALWAYS being so wonderful!

This is amazing, so funny. Love it :)


Love it. I hope your husband received a love poem as well!!

Haha this is great! You're quite the poet. :)

Are you a real person? This was beyond funny :) Can't decide if the blacked-out Birdy photo or the shot of a corn cob was my favorite. The jury is still out :)

So so funny! Thank you:)

Okay, I'm laughing so hard because you photoshopped the pancreas over your daughter more than once!!!!! She is so going to grow up with a complex!

Great job Kerri. I loved it.

This poem was fantastic. Way to give diabetics a laugh. I only wish that my pancreas would be my friend and finally wake up!

Avoiding the "wiener inside me" joke and instead going with...

I think you should start reading pancreas rhymes to the Bird instead of Dr. Seuss.

Priceless! I want to take poem writing lessons from you!


this is awesome, glad to know I'm not the only one who talks to my pancreas


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