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YouTube'ing It: [Stuff] People Say to Diabetics.

This isn't my video, but I love it.  I saw this on Arianna's Facebook page, and I'm posting it here because it made me laugh out loud.  It's the perfect complement to Marcus's video.  If you're the girl who made this video and you're reading this:  THANK YOU.  You cracked me up.

(My favorite part:  " What would happen if you ate a chocolate bar?")


Oh, I neede a laugh tonight. I'm up watching my 5-year old BGs retreat from an uber-high (469, ugh!!!), and was having a I-hate-diabetes moment. Thanks for sharing!

That is awesome. I always get the "My (insert old family member) has diabetes, and he/she had to get (blank) amputated." Wow, thanks. It's so funny how often I get so many of these statements.

Oh, man. I've heard many of these! Excellent find!


I saw this too and it's priceless!! Thanks for sharing. Maybe she'll get a gazillion views.

Yes! Love!

Love it & I love her facial expressions! People outside the D community just "dont get it".

Thank you. Someimes it is easy to forget all PWD's get these "comments" from those uneducated about diabetes. The one that makes me want to smack someone is always "So you're a bad diabetic" simply because I take insulin! Thanks for the humor.

LOVE this! I hope there's a sequel in the works :)

"I could never be diabetic..."

When my daughter was diagnosed in kindergarten the school secretary told me it was no big deal...her cat has diabetes and it's just a shot 1-2 times a day. Yup, my blood was boiling.

I cant stand it when people say "i oh my grandma has that." Whoever decided diabetes should be an umbrella term for type 1 and 2 wasnt intelligent enough to realize that they are 2 different things. You better believe that if all I needed to do was eat well and exercise or take a pill....id be doing it! It's nice to know i'm not alone when anoyed by other peoples ignorance :)

I love this - I think I have gotten all of them, possibly with the exception of the Jonas brother comment (a bit out of my age bracket - ha) - I totally stole this and put it out there again - LOVE it.

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