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Diabetes, Love, and Puppets.

The title is self-explanatory.  :)

Love is all you need. Okay, love and insulin.


LOVE this post. I was already married to my husband when I was diagnosed 2 3/4 years ago. In sickness and in health...seriously....just kidding. He is awesome and would have accepted anything thrown his way.

Your husband loves you with your diabetes. You love your husband even though he writes scary movies about small places. It's a good balance really.

Well done, Kerri!

Awesome post! Awesome puppets!

Also! If someone loves you -- diabetes and all -- it contractually obligates them to feeding you in the middle of the night when you wake up low.

The perks never end, really!

loved the detail of the blue eyes and brown eyes, awwww.

Wonderful message. Wonderful puppets. Just wonderful, all around!

Beautifully done, Kerri. My own husband knew more about it than I did until I caught up to him. (He wasn't diabetic!) It's so amazing to have that kind of good companion.

Wheelhouse= "wheelhouse
A hitter's power zone. Usually a pitch waist-high and over the heart of the plate. "Clem threw that one right into Ruben's wheelhouse. End of story."


Interesting post. I don't think about how people react too much, egocentric perhaps?

I love you and I love your love and I love sock puppets and I may have demanded a sock-puppet performance of scenes from The Wire from my beau last night. (I have the flu. Sock puppets are medicine.)

LOL! Love the puppets!

I really hate--and by hate, I mean completely love--that my husband knows what's going on with my sugars before I do. LOL :D

"Is your sugar low?"

me(sputtering): "maybe...yeah...okay. whatever!"

He still thinks he's the lucky one, but I know the truth. :)

I love reading your posts Kerri. You make me laugh so many nights when I read them. I have a 7 year old who was diagnosed at the age of 4. I enjoy reading how you feel and what happens in your life so I can possibly be able to better understand what my beautiful son will be facing. He is so brave, the bravest boy I know and he makes me want to be a better person. I wouldn't wish this on anyone but I thank God he gave me my son to be the one to take care of him because it takes someone special. You have a beautiful little family. Thank you for all the smiles and sometimes the brutal honesty of a not-so-good day. It humanizes you.

My T1 4 year old, diagnosed the day after her 2nd birthday, is too young to understand self-esteem and all that. But I might show her this anyway. Always enjoy your posts, and this one was extra enjoyable. Thanks.

I sure hope you're right, lady. Also - totally bringing back the word smooch. That is completely underused these days.

You rocked my socks with the puppets! My god, I´m at work, I´m supossed to be serious hahaha
I just love love love your videos, there is just so much that I need to thank you for!
The fact that you talk out loud some of my fears and the fact that you embrace the nasty side of diabetes...you give me courage to keep on going.
Thanks for the loveeee!

That was awesome Kerri! Thanks for putting a smile on my face!

As a professional puppeteer, and a Type 1.5 Diabetic, I just want to say thank you for that video. :)


great video and I love keeping up with this blog. I have a couple of questions: will those puppets be available on Etsy? will you ever create a puppet with a mustache? how did you get to be so awesome?!

I was diagnosed with diabetes about two months ago. My boyfriend's younger sister has had diabetes since she was seven, so he actually knew more of what we were in for than I did. The fact that he 1) understood that this actually was a big deal, 2) didn't freak out, 3) didn't automatically assume I had type 2 and wonder why I wasn't fat, and 4) bought me peanut butter for valentine's day instead of chocolate has really helped make the whole ordeal easier.

BTW, the puppets made the video. You should take them on the road.

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