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Follows Me Everywhere.

Diabetes isn't an obvious player in my daily life, and for a lot of the day, I don't freak out about it.  I wear the pump, the CGM, I test, I watch my food intake, I exercise, and I do my thing as best I can. Blah, blah, blah.

But in the last few weeks, I've been really bent on diabetes management stuff, trying to work out bad habits, work in better ones, and just keeping an overall focus on bringing down my A1C without hitting the 30's and 40's. I've broken the habit of avoiding my meter, I'm responding to the Dexcom alarms, and I've now kept a steady, updated logbook for over a month. (The logbook thing blows my mind - I haven't kept decent blood sugar records since trying to get pregnant.  Kevin is awesome, and he excels at Excel.)  My only minor set-back this month has been the trip to SXSW, where I intentionally ran a bit higher to combat lows that might be triggered by travel, time change, and stress.

I feel like I'm sticking with the program, so to speak, and I hope the results on my meter and in my A1C reflect these efforts soon.  If not now, then I know they will soon.  Chris and I talked extensively about the work/life/family balance, and things are evening out to the point where I sort of want to sneak off and buy an at-home A1C test to see if I can see any progress already. 

But as I'm changing these habits and making better ones, it does sort of feel like diabetes is following me everywhere, like that weird painting of George Washington where the eyes are always looking at you, no matter where you're standing in the room.  Or much like the paintings I saw in the bathroom at a BBQ place in Austin, where these creepy little dogs were staring at you. (I've never washed my hands so quickly in my whole life.)

Someone on Twitter said this is a paint-by-number. Oh I hope so, because I'd love one for my bathroom, so I can be creeped out forever.

After such a long stint of diabetes burnout, I know the feeling of being 'watched' by diabetes will wear off as I adjust to these better lifestyle habits, but for now, it's a little ... creepy.  (Yes, this whole post was an excuse to share this photo of two terrifyingly odd pups.  I'm going to throw in a judgmental giraffe, also from an Austin bathroom wall, to complete the set.) 

I can't escape the watchful eye of diabetes ... or of those frigging doe-eyed doggies.  ;)


I think I've seen those dogs before! Definitely creepy...makes you wonder about bathroom decorators in Austin.

I have also recently upped my D awareness. After nearly 7 years with this frickin disease I think I'm finally figuring it out! That means LOTS more testing and attention being paid to what I eat. It's a pain, but we're so worth it, right? I'm glad you're doing so well.

Great post, Kerri. First of all: Congrats on your D-Management changes and particularly the Kevin use!!! Awesome, my friend. The feeling of having D follow you around is a key aspect of why I've fallen off the wagon or completely avoided the ride at times in my life - particularly during my teen years. I didn't want to be "watched" or have it be "defining" me. But I've gotten over that, almost in recognizing that it's not being driving the car but I am, on my own terms. I think that's a key, for me at least. Knowing that even if we're always together, I'm calling the shots and dictating a better health future. Good luck keeping it going, my friend!

Good for you, Kerri. Knowing that things are a bit wacky and actually plotting a strategy of change/attack are two entirely different things, for sure.

For example, I keep resetting the due date in my task list for this item called, "Re-evaluate Basal Rates." Know what I mean?

Kudos to you for DOING IT and for providing a bit of inspiration to us other diaprocrastinators to get with the program!


You've probably "heard" (seen) me say this before but after almost 20 years I'm just now getting to the point of re-evaluating and getting on the right track. I need to log, though. I wear my CGM most of the time but it would be helpful to compare what I'm actually eating (duh to me) to go along with the spikes/declines. :/ Thanks for always reading our D minds!

Word to the wise, Kerri - the at-home A1C test kits are typically .3 to .5 points lower than the lab. At least, that's my experience.

Keep up the good work!

I'd say blow off the A1C test and work your "average" BG on your pump and/ or CGM? I use that more for "operational maneuvers", in between "tactical" (BG tests...) and "strategic" (A1C, I save those for the doctor. If an A1C costs as much as a 6 pack [I think?]), I'd rather have a beer, 10G of carbs or so? Maybe an Ultralight (2G!) now that it's getting warmer?

Much better bathroom find than what I saw at the thrift store during my recent trip to Martin's. (http://momentsofwonderful.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/IMG_0282.jpg)

Sounds like you are doing great! I feel all-consumed , and like you said "watched", by diabetes too when I am logging. I am really working on keeping good records, and your post has motivated me!! Thanks :)

So, as a diabetic I stumbled on your blog about a week ago. I must say I'm a little jealous, and it has nothing to do with diabetes. You got to go to SXSW!

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