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Diabetes: Improv is Key.

The best, most all-inclusively versatile bag I have is my camera bag from the Kelly Moore Bag Store.  I bought it a few months ago and it hits every mark for me:  the Classic holds Birdy's baby essentials (diapers, wipes, sippy cup, and snacks), my diabetes garbage (meter, glucose tabs, insulin pen, backup infusion set), and the camera stuff I insist on carrying around (Nikon D40 with lens).  While I'm able to travel to Dubai and back with only a carry-on, I carrying about the same amount of crap with me on a daily basis.

It's the most wonderful bag.

Which is why last Wednesday, as I was walking along a footbridge towards the London Eye and the strap of my bag snapped away from the metal hold piece, my heart sank as quickly as the bag tumbled off my shoulder. 

This is how the bag should look.

"You okay?" my friend asked as I clutched the bag with both arms.

"Yeah, I just need a quick second."  Pulling the belt off my raincoat, I snaked the belt through the loops that should have been connected by the metal latch until it held tight.  "It's fine now."

Improvisation.  It's sometimes the name of the game when it comes to diabetes.  Ladies with insulin pumps have surely Macgyver'd their way in a few little, black dresses.  Runners with diabetes have found ways to keep their supplies and their feet light.  Ever had a low blood sugar where you find yourself eating 18 month old fruit snacks from your glove compartment?  Ever had a high where you have to pull a rogue unit or two of insulin from your pump reservoir and shoot up with a syringe?  Plan ahead all you'd like, but there will be diabetes moments where you just have to wing it.

It makes sense: our pancreases go pfffft and we're charged with finding ways to keep going without producing our own insulin.

Locked and loaded until the bag can be properly fixed

Stuff breaks?  Find a way to bandaid it.  It might not be a permanent fix, but it's enough to hold until there's a better option.  Sometimes you have to improvise.


This totally spoke to me! I have been known to paper clip fallen hems on my dress pants.

What a wonderful way to smile on a beautiful Monday morning! Love this post!

I was a little surprised to read a mention of Kelly Moore bags on a diabetes blog today. You see, I just discovered Kelly Moore a few weeks ago and have ordered a bag that is supposed to arrive tomorrow. I am SO excited to get my hands on it - even more so now that I know she's infiltrated the diabetes world :)

Holy (insert expletive here) that is a cool bag. Pump supplies, my Nikon D90, AND iPad? SOLD! Thanks, Kerri.

Just don't take the improvisation stuff TOO far...http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2734/4068986866_701cdd64f4_o.jpg

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