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What Do You Mean, Yours Isn't Like This?

What do you mean, your car door doesn't look like this on long car trips?

And what do you mean, your shower shelf doesn't have one of these as a discarded decoration, now and again?

Diabetes:  it gets on everything.


Mine are like these! :)

It is rare that my shower shelf only has ONE of those on it ;)

My car door looks just like that!
And those 'shower ornaments' make great cat toys...my cat has them all over the place!

I had a date at the weekend and well, the first thing I did was to round up all the cannulas, syringes and test strips in my pit. Quite strange and disturbing how this thing gets into everywhere in our lives.

i never though about the door handle on the car as a resting place for pump! i might have to try that. with my luck i'll forget it's there and pull the whole thing out. which reminds me, i should probably keep some spare insets in the car "just in case"!

Last week my boyfriend sent me a picture of a testing strip on some carpet looking material. The caption.... "look what I found underneath the driver seat in my car, how do you manage to get these things everywhere ;-)"

Me, too! I'm just like that. My parents find test strips EVERYWHERE - like my parents' bedroom, outside in the driveway, on my dresser, in the hallways and in the silverware drawer. And once my site came out when I slept over at a friends house and it somehow ended up decorating HER windowsill.

I have used test strips everywhere--in my purse, on the floor in my dorm, on the floor in my office, in my bed. . . .

My car door often looks like, although the Medtronic pump and Dexcom version.

I've never done the car door thing with my pump, but my shower is always cluttered with infusions. I thought I was the only one! I have used test strips all over the place too!

Cracks me up - and I especially second the test strip forest that follows me everywhere I go! I could definitely never be a spy...much too easy to track!

NO WAY!!! Those thing are so me!!!! I especially agree with the above comment, me and my family have always commented on that. (plus my family always knows when I'm coming because of the jingling test strips!!!)

Hahaha! I got out of the car the other day and my husband asked me if the test strip that just fell to the parking lot cement was like a bread trail to find my way back home.

Haha! Oh yeah, my apartment is plagued by random infusion set pieces. Did a middle of the night infusion set replacement when the old one pulled out. Woke up this morning to find I'd set all the "site leftovers" into a cereal bowl in the kitchen. >.> Makes me glad my husband just finds it funny.

Test strips everywhere! LOL. And, yet it always surprises me when I find someone else's when I'm out in public.

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