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Giant Benjamin.

That's a big ol' Ben there.

Here in London.

Everything.  Is.  Wet.  But since it's not Rhode Island rain, I'll take it.  It's fancy rain.  British rain.  Might be spelled "raine," in an olde worldy-style.

Have seen the Tube, poked around Buckingham Palace, walked in the pouring rain over Tower Bridge, and realized that Splenda has a strange granulation to it here.

(Every time Birdy tells someone where I am, she says, "Mama in Lemon."  I miss my Bird.)

Exhausted and jet-lagged, but loving what walking around the city does for my blood sugars.  (A 191 mg/dL was beaten into submission by a conservative correction bolus and a long walk.) The time change isn't being kind, in terms of lows, but I've dialed down the morning basal in retaliation.

Looking forward to meeting some UK PWDs tonight at the Tweet Up!

I will have sentences that make sense soon.


The nieces say I live in Avocado.

ENJOY the rest of your time there.

sounds about right, for london. hope you're having fun, despite the rain and jet lag. i LOVE london. :)

We miss you!!!!! Bring back some British tea lol....love you

Oooh have so much fun in London!! I *love* that city. And can completely relate to how good vacations can be for blood sugars. We walked everywhere during our honeymoon, and my numbers were awesome!

Fantastic!!!! Oh, I would LOVE to see London!!!! Ugh, you lucky duck!!!

Lucky duck! enjoy your stay, and say "hi" to the queen for me! haha!

Have fun in London (er, Lemon), Kerri! And make sure to greet some UK peeps with, "Pip Pip, ole bean!"

Have a great time!! :)

"I will have sentences that make sense soon," and we will be greatly disappointed because we love nonsense.

Dude, it's all about the Benjamin. ;)

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