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See Food Diet.

"Oh, I'm on the sea food diet." 

"Oh yeah?  What's that?" 

"I see food, and I eat it!"

RIMSHOT.  SO COMICAL.  This joke irritates me because when my blood sugar is way out of range, this terrible punchline becomes true.  I'll hoover up the contents of every cupboard in my kitchen.

There's something about being at either end of the blood sugar spectrum that instigates mass consumption of calories.  When my blood sugar is tanking (especially those middle of the night lows), I'll eat through half a package of chocolate rice cakes (I love those things) or devour the better part of a package of stale Peeps (not that it's happened while on a Google hangout or anything) before I'll pause and assess the situation.  It's a desperate clamoring for calories - anything - to bring my blood sugar back into a comprehensible range.

A similarly ravenous, but more grazing, hunger takes over when I'm high.  High blood sugars (really high, like over 250 mg/dL) make me crave fruit and juice and cloyingly sweet foods.  And I don't want to cram them into my face in pursuit of relief, but more because my body is telling me to eat, eat, eat even though my blood stream is clogged with sugar.  Highs trigger hunger, at least for me, and it's very hard to squish that inclination to eat.

Hunger due to actually being hungry is a strange concept.  Sometimes I'm hungry because I'm cruising around with a high blood sugar.  Other times, it's because I'm low.  Being hungry because I'm actually hungry wasn't something I felt until I went on the insulin pump in 2004, because prior to that, I was eating in accordance with the actual peaks of my insulin.  (Old school NPH and Regular, back in the day.  Holla.)  I remember some of the first times I felt legitimately hungry due to a lack of food, and how strange it felt (and also how it felt like a low blood sugar).

Yesterday afternoon, around one in the afternoon, this strange headache settled in and my stomach started to ache a bit.  

"I'm high, I think," I said to Birdy, who was trying in vain to vacuum the front lawn with her new birthday vacuum.  (Kid wanted a vacuum cleaner; what can I say?)

"My vacuum, Mama!"  

A quick poke of the finger showed a blood sugar right in range.  And then I remembered that I hadn't eaten since breakfast.  And that coffee didn't technically count as a snack.  (But it should.)

"Mama needs a snack."


"I'm totally hunn-ree, lady.  Let's have some chompies."

"See-food" diets aren't for me.  I'd rather eat when I'm hunn-ree.


Love it. Sometimes, we're just hunn-ree. Diabetes be damned.

I completely understand. I too am no longer on the NPH schedule (no pump, just Humalog/Lantus), but the 20 years of the NPH schedule still has me on an eating routine that I rarely break.

Hunger is still a stranger to me. I guess I should not complain and be thankful I live in the USA.

I have also recently been doing the "See Food diet" thing, hovering over the cabinet. Buying stuff at the grocery store that I should not be eating. And I know it's going to be wack me out in a few hours. And then I wonder later, "how did I get that 300 BS?"

It's something I've been struggling with ever since I got on the pump - learning to eat when I'm hungry rather than because it's "lunch time". But after 15 years on injections I had completely lost the ability to tell when I was hungry and when I was full. I've been trying to retrain myself (and hoping I might lose some weight eventually since I'd been basically eating the same amounts since I was a ravenous teenager which is not the best when you hit your 20's and your metabolism slows down some!) but it is really hard. Especially when I feel I've been doing well but hit a low or a high and suddenly I'm stuffing my face to satisfy some primal hunger over which I have no control. It sucks! But those times when you realize you are actually hungry and then you eat and you eat just enough...that is quite satisfying!

It's the carbs, they are so hard to resist.

Selldiabetic test strips for Cash!

When I was on the tennis team in college, I was the only one that didn't have to cut my gatorade with water, and it came in very handy when lows popped up. There were a few times though when my blood sugars were fine but I was feeling exhausted so I would still grab some. Mom would ask me afterwards why I would drink it if I wasn't low, and I would respond "Because I'm still a human!"

Good luck with the no see food diet, and with eating like a PWoD :)

I get this weird feeling when i go low when i sleep like there is a empty hole or someone is pushing down on my chest.
I will wake directly out clearheaded and understand what is needed.
I will admit that i have chugged Maple Syrup, and Chocolate Syrup in a few times that i couldn't find anything else. But sometime its hard because your fearing for your life so overeating totally happens even tho you don't mean to do it.

Whenever I am thirsty I assume I am high. I have to remind myself that sometimes I am just "normal people thirsty."

No one else is going to ask what the heck "chompies" are?

I remember a little golden book story that I used to read to my toddler daughter called "the tawny, scrawny lion".
It's awesome !
I used to think that the lion may have been a type 1 D................=)

I feel so conflicted when I'm cruising along at a steady, cool 102 and get those hunger pains. Should I indulge with a snack and a bolus, or try to sustain this near-perfect ratio of mg's to dl's a bit longer?

At junior's 4th birthday party, there were two boys fighting over the vacuum. Then "control freak" me figured "let's just hide it" but "engagement mom" wanted to get it out to reason w/ the little monsters. It didn't work and a fracas ensued. I was glad not to be too involved...

That was one of the first things I noticed on the pump: the sensation of being hungry! Oh yeah, and chocolate rice cakes are my "go to when I'm low" food, too.


They make *chocolate* rice cakes?!

Totally hungry when high too. Not sure if I hate that more or less than being low and completely stuffed.

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