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Of course we marked the day with a mustache - what other way is there for a two year old to celebrate her birthday morning?  (Thanks to Mr. Potato Head, or as you call him - "HEAD!" - for lending out the 'stache.) 

Mustached Birdzone

You're a kid now.  Legit kid, with babyhood well behind you. I don't know what's happened in the last week or two, but the fast-forward button has been duct-taped down on you. All of a sudden, you're BIG. You are talking a blue streak (no idea what that means ... hang on ... I Googled it) and I can't keep up with you. You call me "your best mama" (which makes me wonder who these other "not the best mamas" are), and you've gone into time out twice at the same Applebee's (the waitstaff must think I'm the meanest mom ever, but by the time we were done time-outing, everyone could count to fifteen, damn it).  You sing along with your favorite songs (Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Coldplay's Paradise, and you and I both are working out the lyrics to Channel Cairo) and you actively try to calm yourself down when you're upset, by saying, "Cry? No cry. Okay."

"Okay!" is your favorite word; you use it liberally, and in ALL CAPS.  "Do you want to have oatmeal?" "OKAY!" "Would you like to play outside?" "OKAY!" Every time you say it, you manage to make it sound like the preceding question was your idea. And you've taken to calling your parents (ahem, us) by our first names. Especially in the morning, over the video monitor, when we're slow to evict ourselves from our bed. "Dada! Dada!" And you wait for a few seconds, then: "CHRIS!" (Well-played, kid.)

Yesterday was your second birthday, and we celebrated surrounded by friends, family, and lots of love.   You have a wonderful extended family, Birdy, and they love you very much.  (And they were also patient with my attempt at Elmo cupcakes, which looked decent enough before we went to bed on Saturday night, but somehow contracted the Rage Virus on the overnight, so we woke up to zombie Elmo cupcakes with bloodshot eyes.  Happy ... happy birthday? We did, however, make the vegetable tray a la Elmo, and that worked out okay.)

You ate the zombie Elmo cupcake, though.  And even though you looked like a lion cub devouring a gazelle, you enjoyed every nibble.

We enjoy a good gazelle now and again.

You're my best friend, my whole heart, and my littlest Bird who is getting so big.  (Even your sneakers are getting so big.)

I love you so much you make me stupid.

Even though we've only known each other for two years, you've been in my heart forever.  Happy birthday, Birdy Bird. I love you!

Your Mama


So precious! I can't believe she is already 2! Time flies! Happy Birthday Birdy! :)

Happy 24 months, Birdy! Those cupcakes look yummy. Thanks for being so awesome and making your "best mama" smile and rave so much, because it helps all of us smile and feel happy when we see your smiling face. You rule, kiddo.

Happy birthday, Birdie!

she is just beautiful! I can't believe it has already been 2 years. Thanks for sharing her with everyone =)

Birdy is a kid - wow. Happy Birthday to you!

I love those put-me-in-the-zoo pajamas.

Ridiculously cute! Happy Birthday!

That to awesome with the Mustache in the morning.

She is so Lucky to have such an amazing Family.

Which track are you struggling with on lyrics?

We'll make sure we send you the words and a signed CD for you both...

Channel Cairo x

Elmo must have gone to a party after you went to bed. He looks hungover.

She is, as always, just lovely. Yay for da Bird!

Am I the only one who finds the veggie tray *more* creepy? I just feel sorry for the zombie cupcakes...maybe because I'm sporting (allergy-induced) red eyes myself these days.

Congrats to the little Bird!

That's awesome w/ the "OKAY!" and the positive message!

Happy Birthday, Birdy!!!

Also, OMG!!! Channel Cairo left a comment on your blog & is sending you a CD!!!!

I am SOOOO jealous! :D

Happy birthday birdy!!!! Gosh, she gets cuter by the minute!!!!!

Happy Birthday Birdy. Elmo Cupcakes and all. Welcome to the Terrific Twos! May your whole year make you say... OKAY! Kerri, your parent love posts make me cheer. Thanks for writing them.

Did you really do a band shout out and have them respond on your blog? That is awesome!

Happy Birthday Birdy!

She looks a little like you in the cupcake picture ;)

Your little bird is beautiful! Happy birthday!
I must say that I looked at the cupcakes and after reading your posts about cooking things, I was very concerned, but I must say.. they look AWESOME! Even with the creepy red eyes :)

So cute. I love these posts. My daughter used to say "OKAY!" just like that. Made me smile to read about Birdy. :)

Happy Birthday little Birdy! Loved this sweet post. I got a kick out of the zombie Elmo's. :) The Elmo veggie tray was adorable! Thanks for your wonderful posts, I love reading them.

She is so damn cute. And WOW! Channel Cairo totally commented on your blog!! That's next level right there... :-)

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