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Ancient Glucose Meters.

Glucose meters have come a long way (especially since I was diagnosed, back when I used this old meter), all the way to now, when we can clip a glucose meter to our iPhones and test from the same device we check email and make phone calls from.  (I had a chance to check out the iBG*Star meter yesterday down at Sanofi, and it's pretty cool.  More on that later.)

Testing my blood sugar is a much more streamlined process now than it was twenty-five years ago.  Thankfully ... because that old, ancient glucose meter was a workout unto itself.  ;)


You are oddly funny...I like ya! lol

You make the old AccuCheck sound easy. The calibration was a chore in itself. (1) Power on. (2) Open Lid. (3) Insert unused strip. (4) Close lid. (5) Remove strip. You've got to also insert the clear-plastic calibration thing into the meter for each new vial of strips. (Oh, and if you're me, somewhere between steps 1 and 2 you need to remove the strip from the PREVIOUS test which is now stuck to the little viewfinder, clean the window with an alcohol swab, then power off and start all over).

the sparrow bg tester tagline could be: put a bird on it.

i've never actually seen one of those old-school lancet devices before. TRULY TERRIFYING.

While I was watching this I was thinking "Oh I have to leave a comment about the guillotine lancets!!". And next thing I knew, there it was on the screen. Yay, you always cover it all!! (How long until we get FDA approval on the "Sparrow Meter"?? I want one of those!)

Very glad to read that you try the IBGStar! since one year and a month I used Bg Star meters. They are good! My A1c is agree with the numbers.
I lost my first glucometer but may be it was a very big one with a bag, I think it's the big "brick" on your blog. It was in 1985!!!!!!! Thanks for the video, and have a nice day.

Awesome video, as usual, Kerri!!
We have come such a long way in our diabetestechnology, but I think that we have so much further to go to get to where technology and diabetes finally meet and those of us living with diabetes can finally have ideal technological tools that we need to help us better care for ourselves.

When I was first diagnosed, even in 2001, the nurses in the hospital were still using gigantic accucheck meters that had to be plugged in in each room, required daily calibration, and took 90 seconds to give results, which always seemed like a shear eternity.

OMG that old School lancet device i will most likely have a nightmare about. Insane!!!

Also I am with you on the sparrow idea. That would make Diabetes much more fun and entertaining.


Streamline the whole process

I was fine until the sparrow part. Seriously I am cracking up now. You make me laugh...about diabetes, thank you for that.

Again a very funny clip!

I was diagnosed late 80's and also used at first a "brick". (Bayer Reflolux S)
I'm happy with the new technology.

The sparrow sounds like fun - until it poops on your shoe! I've heard that being pooped on by a bird is good luck. Um, no. It is not good luck to spend your day with bird poop staining my super cute black and white striped shirt from Loft. Seriously.
Of course, the blood stains from those awful geyser test sites are probably more noticeable. Bring on the sparrow poop!

I bought my first meter with out of pocket funds because it was too "new" for insurance to pay for. I had to go to this creepy medical supply place, loaded with bedpans and wheelchairs, in an industrial part o town. The meter cost $185, which was an enormous amount of $ for me to spend. And, there was only one pharmacy close by that carried the Chemstrips.
Then, in the back of Forecast Magazine, I saw an ad for something called a "stripsplitter", which was sold with an adapter that you slid onto the meter so you could get two tests out of one strip that was cut in half.
I think I'd been testing over a year before the autolet became available. We did not even have lancets. I used a sewing needle.
Sheesh, talk about the dark age......

I am so thankful my son has access to this streamlined technology. It must have been so hard to use the old equipment! I showed him the sparrow bit - so funny!

put. a. bird. on. it.
(for the sparrow meter)

I just ran across my original (One Touch) meter the other day - 20 years old. It was still in my pack that I used to carry everything in - Regular and NPH, syringes, ice pack, meter, extra everything. It's HUGE compared to my teeny one I use now. Gotta love modern technology!!

Can you tell us more about the iBGstar? I've been contemplating purchasing it, but want to hear from someone who has actually tried it. Thank you!

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