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Bang, Bang.

(That means bullets, no?)

  • Things have been very, very busy here in Sparlingville lately, with distractions and obligations of all kinds, leaving us at the close of each week feeling like Monday through Friday ran by and each slapped us with a giant, floppy fish. 
  • As a response, I'm spend the day snuggling my daughter, and am up late into the evening working on stuff.  It's made for some serious eye baggage, but I'm also finding some really great music while the world is asleep.  (Yet the Internet never is ... go figure.)
  • Which explains why I'm immersing myself in music like Tiny Ruins & a Singer of Songs (addictive little EP, and the song "Running Through the Night" is gorgeous), but it's in stark contrast to Quakers (35 member hip hop collective that does an incredible workup of Radiohead's Fitter, Happier).  Or the Arctic Monkey's new track, R U Mine, which is on rotation as well.  (This muddled playlist makes for some really tangled story-telling late at night.)
  • But writing is good.  As are prompts to help keep things moving along, which is why I'm very excited for this year's Diabetes Blog Week, which starts on Monday.  My lovely friend Karen (who blogs at Bittersweet Diabetes) is organizing the third annual event, and you can find out more details - and sign up! - by visiting her website.
  • Also, the good folks at the Diabetes Hands Foundation are petitioning Google to create one of their magical little homepage doodles to mark the birth of Dr. Frederick Banting (aka "the guy who discovered insuiln").  There's a petition you can sign to show your support, and help bring diabetes awareness to a whole, new, Google-y eyed level.
  • Birdy and I ended up in an argument about the number eleven this morning. I told her it was the number that came after 10, but once she saw it written down, she kept saying, "Not eweben.  One! One!  Two ones, mama!" "No, that's the number eleven. It's one more than ten."  "Nope, mama.  Two ones." This went on for five full minutes. Finally, I gave up and said, "Okay?" to which she gave me a sidelong glance, knowing she had my brain in a vice grip.
  • If you're attending the Detroit JDRF's 5th Annual Diabetes Today and Tomorrow conference, please be sure to say hello!  I'll be doing a morning session on transitioning diabetes care from parents to kids, and would love to meet you. 
  • The Sanofi "Discuss Diabetes" blog is running a week's worth of mom-related posts in honor of the upcoming Mother's Day holiday this Sunday.  Yesterday, they featured a bit about Birdy and I. They've also featured Wendy, Jacquie, and Joanne. Check those posts out for a little CWD and PWD mom-perspective.
  • Currently, I'm rooting for Siah to win her fight against the neighbor's cat ... despite the fact that's it's happening through the glass doors in the kitchen, leaving Siah bristled and meowing wildly while throwing herself against the glass, with the other cat outside on the deck, staring in, all wonky-eyed.  I'd open the doors and let her out, but I'm laughing too hard.
  • And lastly, it's one thing when you watch one of those videos where a cute little kid belts out a song with incredible poise and amazing talent.  It's quite another thing when that cute little kid is your lovely niece. Check her out!

Bullets done. 


"it goes to 11."

"but isn't that just going to 10 but it says 11?"

"Noooo. It goes one more. It goes to 11!"

My daughter, Molly, and I will be in Livonia on Saturday and so excited to meet you! Oh, and I'm bringing a couple of friends too!

Don't tell my mom, but my post about her is going to be on the Sanofi site tomorrow :)

I love the two ones. My DD at that age called W "double v" and I thought, she's right, there is no u in sight.

Love your bullets every single time. :)

And your niece is AMAZING!!!

Love the Arctic Monkeys. Thanks for sharing that - didn't realise they had a new track out! That will go on my running playlist.

I have had the exact same discussion about 11 with both my two kids at various points in time. And W. "But WHY, Mummy?" Ummm.......!

Awwww, someone already did the "this one goes to 11" joke. Love me some Tap!

And thanks for the shout out!

Birdy counts in binary!

Have a great trip to Michigan! It's sunny and gorgeous here today. Sorry I'll miss hearing you--kids have soccer, martial arts, etc. Life first, then diabetes!

she side-eyed you over 11! love it!

also love that vid of your niece yay!

aaand i just read your mother's day post and it made me teary!

My money is on Siah... I'll put two ones down on that. :)

I'm so sad that I didn't spot this pot, or apparently anything else regarding the JDRF conference in Detroit! I would have loved to have been out there and met you too! :(

I'll have to keep my eyes open for more D-stuff in my own area I guess!

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